Will Coach Bags in Spain Succeed? Princess Letizia and The Already International Celebrities The Lead

Mark Coach you have just landed in Spain, as we discussed our colleagues from Embelezzia. The firm is known as sells more handbags in the United States, where it is a huge success among the famous and among the public in general, despite the fact that their prices oscillate between 200 and 1,000 euros.

If the famous carry these bags at the end end up being a success and if not see in a few months how many Coach bags behind the street of Princess Letizia last look with one of the latest models, specifically the Madison Sophia Satchel, whose price is 395 euros.

The bag in question is a nice black leather design to carry in hand although it also has a belt if we carried on the shoulder.

Famous international with Coach bags

They are not neither one nor two the famous international carrying a bag of Coach for every day. In recent months we have seen many of the most prominent faces go shopping with this signature under his arm. Among them are some names such as Sienna Miller, who we saw in the airport.

Precisely at the airport we saw another face well known by the public of Jezebel: Rachel Bilson. The United States opted for a colorful design on a model of the great Coach.

Jobs to follow with trendsetters to Diane Kruger rejoins Coach fashion thanks to a model of bag with fringes in a look very sport.

Blake Lively could not be less and at Christmas we saw her shopping with a successful poncho and a Coach Chanel bag in black. And if Lively takes you…

One of the famous recurring more under Coach bags is Eva Longoria who has several models in your home such as this white that carries in his hand with a casual look.

Emmy Rossum has a similar leather bag only to more dark and that combines with a perfect sailor look for this time.

Even the youngest of the class decide to bet by Coach. Selena Gomez does not want to be less than the rest, opting instead for a broad white shoulder model.

If up to my “beloved” Mila Kunis gets her black Coach bag to go to the gym…