Why Study an MBA in the U.S.?

“A study revealed that the majority of those interested in pursuing these business studies seek to do so abroad.”

Studying an MBA is the goal of many people and doing it specifically abroad is the desire of the majority, indicates a study applied to 83 thousand people.

The report entitled “Student Survey and Perspective Report” and prepared by the Graduate Management Admission Council, an educational analysis firm, indicates that 52% of those seeking to pursue an MBA wish to do so outside of their country of origin.

This figure grew by 40% compared to 2013 and the students who most claim to study an MBA abroad are from Asian countries and Eastern Europe.

The analysis details that 97% of Latino students would prefer to access these courses outside their region and specifically 63% of interested Mexicans have this claim.

These are the four reasons why those interested want to study outside their usual territories:

– Seek an international academic training
– Know the environment of the place where you intend to study
– Improve language skills (English)
– To get a better job impression

Favorite destination

Although its demand fell a little, the United States remains the preferred destination for those who intend to obtain an international MBA , with 66% of those interested – in 2013 there were 73% – adds the report.

Regarding concerns, 48% of the study participants stated that the financial capacity to cover the expenses of this educational specialty is their main concern.

Study an MBA in the U.S.

Study MBA in San Diego and start your own company

This year the University of San Diego School of Business Administration has been ranked in the top three best schools to study an MBA abroad for the first time in its history. This mention was made by the Financial Times in honor of its program for the Master of Business Administration.

The Financial Times used 10 criteria to make the ranking, which highlights the percentage of graduates who created their own company, the percentage of them that are still in operation by the end of 2014 as well as their main source of income and how the school influenced in the creation of new companies. Of all the students surveyed, 34% had created their own company.

The network of graduate students also played a very important role in the ranking, they made up 6.6 of the 10% of students involved with financing to create a new business.
Ranking by one of the most preeminent business schools in the world places the MBA program of the School of Business Administration almost at the top of approximately 2,000 programs globally, making it very tempting to study an MBA abroad.

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