Who Cloned Me That Top to Wear Navel?

The tendency of the tops climbed to the catwalk with firm and bold step. According to many of the designers was the key trend for these months coming ahead. A spring/summer to wear navel, no doubt. But who’s going to clone this fashion? No clones, the street is elusive to put such an idea into practice.

A walk through several of the firms online stores basic low-cost remains very positive results. From Zara we find a showcase of large t-shirts and unafraid to move from the waist, in most of the cases. In the absence of new fashion, over it leads to the opposite side. Despite everything we can find this lace top for 7.95 euros.

Handle the situation doesn’t change much, but yes leave us any alternative. Two different models in different colours. One of them a Basic elastic top for 6.99 euros available in six different colours (from white to blue) and propose we combine with a wide shirt. Either a top with hearts print for 6.99 euros already decided to only look without cover with an extra item.

Third time lucky, H & M sure this trend so “ popular ” must have multiple choices. Error. Only two. Two printed models own Missoni and warmly by the African culture in vivid colors. A top for 9,95 euros and a bustier for 19.95 euros.

After tasting success in these stores better just at ASOs surely there have to be bored. And Yes, true. Models to choose from there are a few, according to styles and tastes. We have from with lace and floral print (15.82 euros) or a colorful color blue fluor of the firm Rare (27,69 euros).

For those who prefer a basic model in black and Word of honor they have two different models: 6.59 euros in both cases. Top point and elastic, with the front with ruching detail.

For this trend best prints, which look more. Either of Free People with a Moroccan tribal print for 46,15 euros, with a small brace of ASOs for 46,15 euros with the taste of the Mexican stamp in the garment, or the already modern taste with Fairground and its top bananas more than colorful 55,38 euros.

Although for modern details we better go to Urban Outfitters where there are not lost one. Whether it is brand Sparkle & Fade with geometry in the three-quarter sleeves for 37 euros, to the memory of the 90 flat with a top Palm Springs 33 euros, a bustier as a collage of Silence + Noise 55 euros or one of flores with braces and signature Kimchi Blue 46 euros.

Because at the end that there will be any option for those seeking to take this trend to the street. Only be know to look at depending on what shops and sections, and think very well if indeed it is looked for style, which does not go with all. Important to have on hand some high-waisted shorts or a skirt that makes the function of these.