Who Are The Queens of The Street Style of London? The Models, Bloggers and Socialite by Alberto Bringas

There are many people who can win in style and trends a good model. Very few. While many models are amazing with very little, the bloggers play another letter: attention with excesses that defend through skidding. At least they left in the photo for that extravagant look but do go well? This duel of style is joining a new “rival”: the Russian team of socialite. In this new installment in the eyes of the photographer Alberto Bringas, You searched for the best of the street style of London fashion week, we see the differences between models, bloggers and socialite.

My name is Alberto Bringas (23). I’m a small town in Bizkaia from Lanestosa although I spent more than 5 years at Bilbao. I was studying sociology but finally I left it because it wasn’t my thing. I’m currently living in London since October 2011 and collaborate with an English magazine. I am a amateur photographer since year and a half ago and I hope to make the professional leap to 2013. My page is Alberto Bringas.

First round: bloggers

Bloggers need to take their 15 minutes of Fame and be anywhere where can continue leaving in the photo. At the end they are always the same faces we already know. As Andy Torres who opted for a casual look by combining a jacket of Sandro, trousers of H & M nothing flattering (you can see the detail on his blog) together with Alexander Wang shoes.

The same with Anouska Proetta Brandon, who chose a set in black and white with a vest and miniskirt of Zara together a few excessive Choies boots.

Second round: the models

It is difficult to match the likes of Jourdan Dunn model of Givenchy. Neither closely fails.

Anouk De Heer with this big long coat stamped with the Scottish tartan of fashion. 10.

Tessa Bennenbroek he opted for a showy coat in electric blue. A logical choice for the cold of winter.

At the end it always shows who is who, model or no model.

It’s just a look, a past Chamber.

The photogenic.

The estilazo.

The unique details of Mirte Maas.

The beauty of Cora Emmanuel.

And face Delevingne freestyle.

Third round: the Russian team

The so-called Russian team from socialite’s life has risen as the foam in recent months. Especially Miroslava Duma that is now not lost any. In London we saw this look with ladylike in green sequins and a luxurious necklace.

Elena Perminova chose to adapt to the modern context of such with a riskier set fashion week, boasting than musketeer boots and shorts legs broken jeans.

Who do you prefer?

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