Where can I take the GRE test in Peru? List of Test Centers

The GRE exam is one of the requirements for applying to the graduate degree you want, and it is important that you prepare to take it in all aspects. Being ready to perform in the most successful way possible in your GRE application implies concluding your entire preparation process with a GRE course, classes, specific strategies, examples, exercises, mock exams, etc. But, to ensure the best possible performance, you need to know the rules of the game. That is why in this blog we will talk about your options for Test Centers (official sites to take the GRE), as well as specific aspects of that day.

Where can I take the GRE test in Peru

Peruvian North American Cultural Institute

Avenida Angamos Oeste 160 Miraflores 5th fl., Lima, Peru

This Test Center is a building that has parking; however, it is very limited, so you should consider this situation before deciding to drive to the place by car. You may not find available spots, so you will have to park on streets around you and walk to the Test Center. Please arrive early to avoid any inconvenience.

Getting into the building and not knowing specifically which classroom to go to is a very common problem, and this can start to stress you out or worry about being late for the exam. However, you will find security personnel, who will show you the way if you ask them about the international exam center.

It is important that you do not forget your official identification that you registered when making your registration for the exam, since you will need it at all times and when filling out a form outside the office. Once this form is completed, you will be instructed to access the room where you must place all the belongings that you carry with you, including the cell phone and wallet in a small locker. The sleeve and pocket review is quite thorough, so you should not try to carry something with you, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. You will be asked to read a sheet while you are recorded as part of the registration, where you will state that you are the person who registered and the same person who will take the exam, as well as that you did not have prior access to questions or answers of the exam you are about to take.

Many test applicants wonder if they should bring their own supplies, such as operation sheets or pencil. This material will be provided to you by the staff in charge, along with a sheet that you must sign. This sheet must be signed each time you enter or leave the classroom, which will occur in the regulatory recess approximately midway through the test. During this break you have the possibility to go to the bathroom, take out belongings from your locker like water or food. However, you must bear in mind that you cannot use your mobile device, or even turn it on.

All of the above are general aspects that, when you meet them, will make you feel more comfortable with the dynamics of the exam, without having surprises on the big day. The most important general recommendations are: arrive early (30 minutes approx.) And take the mock exams (after having already completed several isolated exercises) that will give you great perspective as well as practice on what to expect on the day of the test .