Where can I take the GRE test in Mexico? List of Test Centers

The GRE exam, one of the postgraduate admission requirements that will allow you to take the next step in your professional development, is administered by the ETS organization. On the official website of this you can consult the official Test Centers where you can take this test and then schedule and pay for the exam at the center that best suits you. We present you a list of Test Centers in Mexico as well as specific details about them that you will not find on the official website.

Where can I take the GRE test in Mexico

GRE Mexico City

Londres No. 47-201, Col Juarez Mexico City, Mexico City

Source: Google

This building is easily accessible and is located on the corner of a Seven Eleven. By hosting offices of various companies, you will be allowed access to it once the floor corresponding to the exam center – the second floor – is open. This construction does not have visitor parking, however, there are parking meters in the area and also a public parking lot.

Once you are on the corresponding floor, you must register on a sheet, which already has the name of the applicants and, after that, you will be given the pertinent indications. Likewise, those in charge of the application of the exam will pass the roll and later the registration will be carried out with the taking of photography, review with a magnetic strip to make sure that you do not have something in the garments, even in the socks. In case you carry belongings (food, cell phone, wallet, etc.), you will be provided with a locker where you can keep them during the exam.

As mentioned before, in this building there are several offices as well as a space where children can play, so the center will provide you with headphones so that you can concentrate and ignore the noise that children can make. Pencil and sheets will also be provided to you by them; in case you need more sheets you can ask for them.

GRE Monterrey

Miguel Hidalgo # 768, Centro, 64000 Monterrey, NL

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The Institute of Cultural Relations, where the Benjamin Franklin Library is located, is located in downtown Monterrey, so arriving early is important as traffic is abundant. In addition, the place does not have parking, so you must go to the parking meters, which are also saturated. In case of using the parking meters, you should consider and be prepared to have to pay a fine, since the maximum time you can pay in advance is 4 hours, while the entire registration process and taking the exam takes approximately 5 hours.

Before entering the classroom where you will be taking your exam, you must fill out and sign a sheet in which you express agreement with the ETS rules. In this center, unlike other cities, your belongings will be stored in 2 bags, one of which is especially to leave your cell phone (off) and in the other all other things such as wallet, food, keys, etc. and later you can take them to a locker. If you have notes or notes, you will be asked to throw them away. Inside the place there is a cafeteria, so if you prefer not to take many things with you but want to have a snack in the break, you can consider this option.

After this they ask you for the identification that you have registered with a photograph, since they will verify that it is really you who has registered and who will be presenting the proof. At the same time, they will check that you are not wearing anything both in clothing and in sleeves and even ankles.

After this, they will ask you general questions (name, email, telephone number) and they will give you general indications (how many questions does the exam consist of, leave identification and the locker key visible, etc.). In the same way they will provide you with pencil and sheets. It is important that you follow the instructions to avoid situations that call for attention or, in an extreme case, that invalidate your test.

During the 10-minute break (in the middle of the exam) you can go to your locker, however, you cannot use your cell phone, go to the bathroom or eat something. You should consider that when you return to the classroom you must perform the entire inspection process again, so you must contemplate it and measure your times well.

GRE Guadalajara

Executrain of Guadalajara, Ave. Lopez Mateos Sur 1480-501, Campo de Polo Building, Between Ave. Lazaro, Guadalajara Mexico 45040.

This building is easy to find and it also shares space with companies and universities, but you should consider that it does not have parking, so you should look for an available place near the area. Once in the building there are security personnel who will give you access if you indicate that you are going to the Executrain .

GRE Puebla

13 Poniente 1927, 3rd floor. Laboratories D303 and D304, Barrio de Santiago, Puebla (UPAEP) Mexico 72160.

In any of the centers in which you are going to take your exam, it is always important that you arrive in advance and of course that you prepare both in the academic field and with the small details mentioned above. This because everything influences how comfortable you feel when presenting the test and, consequently, in the result you obtain.