Where can I take the GMAT test in Peru? List of Test Centers

The GMAT exam will be one of the requirements that will open the doors to the postgraduate degree you are looking for to achieve professional and personal goals. After you have studied and covered the academic requirements, it is time for you to be prepared for those aspects that also influence a successful result. For this reason we present you with information about where to take this exam.

The address and contact details of the only official Test Center in this country can be found below. Since there is only one Test Center for the entire country, you must reserve your place in advance. Don’t risk your application!

Where can I take the GMAT test in Peru

New Horizons Computer Learning Center

Av. Santa Cruz 870, Miraflores, 15073 Lima, Peru

(511) 619-2900

Except for the preparation involved in taking the exam, once you have reserved your place to take the GMAT exam , it is important that you prepare for that day.

We recommend that, if possible, you prepare the route to get to the Test Center. This to avoid getting lost and calculate your travel times to arrive in advance. Likewise, if you consider reaching the place in question by car, we suggest that you consider that you will have to park it.

On the other hand, one day before taking the exam we advise you to prepare your official identification with which you registered to avoid setbacks. It is also advisable that you prepare a bottle of water and a small healthy snack (such as an apple or an energy or cereal bar) so that you stay hydrated and consume something in the small moments of rest you have. Also, try to have a light breakfast but enough so that you do not stay hungry. Remember that if you eat a lot, your body uses energy to digest the food, energy that you will use at the time of your exam. Also, considering that you will be taking the exam for several hours, wear comfortable clothing to avoid distractions that may arise due to the discomfort of some items. Lastly, rest!

If you have already prepared for the exam both in the knowledge and skills part and in the small details mentioned above, you will surely have a competitive performance. And, take it easy! If your nerves take over, you will have less mental clarity and this will affect your results.