Where can I take the GMAT test in Mexico? List of Test Centers

The time has come when doing an MBA abroad is the best way to boost your professional career. You research the dates to apply to different business schools … Harvard, University of Chicago, Stanford, MIT, Oxford, University of Pennsylvania. They all ask for a competitive score on the GMAT test. You decide to plan your preparation for these exams in advance, so the first thing you want to know is: Where can I take the GMAT exam in Mexico and what do I need to prepare? Next we tell you.

Where can I take the GMAT test in Mexico

List of Test Centers for the GMAT exam in Mexico

GMAT Mexico City

In Mexico City, there are two places where you can take the GMAT exam: Comprehensive Training Solutions Address: Bosque de Duraznos 65 Despacho 601A, Col. Bosques de las Lomas, 11700

Address: Antonio Dovali Jaime # 70 Torre B, 6th Floor, Alvaro Obregón Delegation, Col. Zedec Santa Fe, 01210

To make sure you get a spot, you will have to book in advance using the official GMAT website. Mexico City is the most popular city to take the GMAT in Mexico, which means that available spots fill up quickly. Book your exam at least two months in advance!

GMAT Monterrey

In Monterrey, you only have one option to take the GMAT exam:

Hidalgo 768 PTE, Colonia Centro, 64000 Monterrey

Reserve your spot.

GMAT Guadalajara

In Guadalajara, there is also only one place to take the test. The address is the following: UNISITE Av. Federalismo Sur # 47, Esquina Pedro Moreno, Colonia Centro, 44100 Guadalajara Reserve your place.

Now the most important question: how do I prepare for the GMAT exam?

We have good and bad news. Let’s start with the bad: the GMAT is a VERY difficult test if you are not used to taking standardized tests. It will test your ability to reason under pressure in the area of ​​quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning and analytical writing. You will be sitting for more than 3 hours with little rest, working at the limit of your ability to reason. The good news is that, as a standardized test, with enough preparation, it is easy to identify and overcome the pitfalls of the test. Exam creators recycle concepts over and over again. In the quantitative section of the GRE, you can expect for example, at least 8 data interpretation problems, 4 geometry, 6 algebra, etc. In Scholastica, We offer GRE and GMAT preparation courses designed by Harvard graduates that prepare you for the most competitive MBAs in the world. Our courses include diagnostic tests, extensive practice material and exercises, and classes taught online in real time. If you are aiming for a competitive graduate degree (top 20), you will need to be in the 90+ percentile. This preparation takes time: you will have to dedicate many hours of study to acquire a good vocabulary in English, to review basic concepts of arithmetic, algebra, geometry and statistics, to develop the ability to read texts under pressure and to identify when an argument is valid or invalid. At Scholastica, we help you prepare to get a competitive score and be admitted to a top MBA.