Washington State

According to ehotelat, Washington State is located in the extreme northwest of the United States. The addition “State” is often used to distinguish it from the capital Washington.

A special attraction is the long stretch of coast to the Atlantic, where you can go swimming or do water sports.

The state is mainly characterized by the charming contrast between the mountains and the coastal area. The cascade chain, which in some places reaches a height of over 4,000 meters, is particularly impressive. It is one of the most important mountain ranges that run through Washington.
Since Canada borders Washington, a short trip to the neighboring country is quite feasible.
In terms of landscape, this state is very impressive and always worth a visit, which of course is also due to the fact that the contrasts between coast and mountains form an impressive contrast.
The various museums and smaller attractions in the cities complete the vacation in Washington.

Washington State is famous for its magnificent national parks. Like those of the American figureheads can be found here. The Olympic National Park annually receives around 3 million visitors, making it one of the most visited parks in the USA. This national park can be found in western Washington on the Olympic Peninsula. The national park made known its sophisticated hiking trail system. Here you can walk and hike for hours as you like. And all in the heart of the breathtaking nature. The trails lead along the coast and through the rainforests of the region. You can also see Olympic Mountain here climb with its height of 2,428 meters. UNESCO also became aware of the beauty of this natural environment and in 1981 granted the national park the status of a World Heritage Site.
The Mount Rainier National Park is the oldest national park in the state of Washington. Here you can find the volcano Mount Rainier, which has a height of 4,392 meters. Over 1.1 million visitors come here every year.

Washington State Landmarks

The American state of Washington has some interesting sights to offer.

Don’t miss the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. This is a suspension bridge over the river of the same name. The first Tacoma Narrows Bridge opened in 1940. Since this bridge collapsed after four months, a new one was built. This was opened in 1950 and is still standing today.

Anyone traveling in Washington should definitely check out the Experience Music Project. The museum is dedicated to modern music. The building is also something special. It was built according to Frank Gehry’s plans and today has various nicknames due to its bizarre shapes, such as B. Melted Guitar, The Blob or The Hemorrhid, etc.

A large collection of Native American art can be admired in the Burge Museum of Natural History and Culture. The museum is located in Seattle.

Also worth seeing is the Makah Cultural and Research Center. This is a museum about the history of the Makah Indians near Port Angeles.
Another interesting museum is the Washington State History Museum. In it you can learn something about the history of the American state Washington.

If you want to learn something about the history of the Yakima Indians in Yakima, you should make a detour to the Yakima Indian National Cultural Heritage Center.

Like other American states, Washington has a Capitol, which is now the seat of the government of the American state.

Nature lovers are not forgotten in Washington either. So they should definitely see the Olympic National Park. The park has the highest mountain, Mount Olympus, with a height of almost two thousand five hundred meters. Various glaciers and rainforests can be seen on the mountain. The thirty meter high Marymere waterfall is definitely impressive.

Another national park not to be missed is Mount Rainer National Park. There are some glaciers to see here. The largest glacier (Carbon Glacier) in the United States outside of Alaska can be found here.

The North Cascades National Park also has plenty of glaciers to offer. There are more than three hundred to see here.

Mount St. Helens are a number of still active volcanoes that are part of the Pacific Fire Belt. The highest has a height of over 2,500 meters. The last major eruption of one of the volcanoes took place in 2004.

Washington State