University of California Riverside Study Abroad

First of all, I would like to praise the MicroEDU team very much and thank them very much for their support in any form. The team was always at my side with help and advice, both by phone and in writing. A quick, helpful and communicative handling of the application process with help on various things, such as visas, allowed me to run my application smoothly. For future applicants: The documents for UCI will also be sent in German so that there will be no comprehension problems. Note: University of California Riverside is also known as UCI on abbreviationfinder.

In the following I would like to comment on my stay abroad.

I recommend that every student consider studying abroad. Everyone I got to know there (especially the foreign students) would repeat this experience again immediately and have tasted blood for another study abroad. You get to know local people and various students from all over the world. Everyone is very open towards you and relationships develop that not only make good friendships but also future trips easier.

I have traveled a lot with these people: Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Fransisco, Yosemite Park, Grand Canyon, Venice Beach, Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Santa Monica, Santa Barbara, Malibu, Death Valley, Big Bear, Colorado River, Highway 1 drove south from Northern California (runs along the coast) and finally 3 days in New York. These activities were all possible in groups and gave us a lot of pleasure.

Lying on the beach in the morning and skiing at noon are things to experience in Riverside. Various activities can be started in the respective cities and areas: see a basketball game by the Lakers, for example, go to Universal Studios, climb, surf, snowboard and so on. For all these things University of California Riverside offers a service for students so that you can rent a wetsuit ($ 4 per day) etc. for little money.

We started these activities within these three months and sometimes repeated them several times. For this purpose, some have rented cars for weekends and others for the whole period. If these costs, including fuel, which is very cheap in the USA, are shared by 5 to 8 people – depending on the size of the car – this is very cheap. It should be mentioned, however, that a car is essential in California as the public transport system is very poor. For students who do not want to rent a car, University of California Riverside offers inexpensive tours, for example a day of snowboarding with all the trimmings for around $ 110 or a day in LA for around $ 30.

As far as living is concerned, the UCI offers dormitories that are very overpriced. However, we looked for an apartment ourselves. For the three months that we were there, a total of four Germans rented a room independently of one another for $ 400 per month. Furniture depends on your own needs, for example we bought an air mattress at Walmart for around $ 10 and additional bedding. Others, on the other hand, rented a facility that included TV, beds, kitchen utensils, etc. and was also relatively cheap. I would recommend the apartment search method to a group of 2 or more people (craigslist. com).

Regarding the University of California Riverside, it can be said that there are extension courses for foreign students to be offered. These are comparable in level with an evening school and in my opinion not to be recommended. The campus courses, in turn, can be compared with the university courses in Germany and campus courses as you imagine them, ie American students with whom you can talk and who are very interested and friendly.

You can take courses with a total of 12 points (usually 1 course = 4 points). For additional money, you can also achieve a maximum of 4 points. I would recommend a preliminary application at your own university. Generally speaking, the UCI is easier than in Germany, that is how everyone else felt, ie this stay abroad is actually a vacation that includes very good grades. . .

Overall, without tuition fees, which can be found on the MicroEDU page, you should plan the following money:

  • Housing: ($ 400-900) per month
  • Auto: Depends on the period, there are daily, weekly and monthly rates – enterprise
  • Insurance: Every car in California requires insurance. Full Insurance, which is a little more expensive, insurance that covers everything up to a loss of up to 4 million, is recommended. However, there is also a selection option there. Alternatively, you can rent the car, go to an insurance company and have the car insured there – freewayinsurance or with enterprise. Don’t be put off if everything looks a bit dubious and doesn’t come across as ordered. The Americans are a little more relaxed.
  • Nutrition: Food is in principle a little more expensive than in Germany, fast food of course not;)
  • Fuel: Much cheaper than in Germany
  • Uni: Transcript costs 8 $, but is necessary for university in Germany and applications etc.
  • Things cost money, of course, but are in your discretion.
  • Shopping: There are various outlets near Riverside. There you can buy clothes from well-known brands at bargain prices.

I spent about 3500 euros without tuition fees (I am a smoker, I really did a lot of shopping and a lot of things to do [the above, festival, comedy show, basketball game, eating outside very often, rent & car are also included and the three Days NY]). As already mentioned, I did not do all these things alone, but always with friends!!!

University of California Riverside Study Abroad