University of California Los Angeles Study Abroad

Summer at UCLA was just amazing! Why? Because it was child’s play to organize and it was a summer full of fun, experiences, people from all cultures, friendships, sun and adventure!


So a big thank you goes first and foremost to Melanie and the whole MicroEDU Team. Top advice, always committed and, above all, always a (quick) answer to all kinds of concerns. In my opinion, there is no problem abroad. Really great! The only annoying thing is that you have to go to the embassy, ​​but you forgot that very quickly and you can go really quickly (at least in Frankfurt)!

I have to say that in contrast to the experience reports of recent years, the trend is absolutely towards off-campus accommodation. No matter where you live, you can’t get around the loving, crazy people – they’ll find you everywhere! At first I was concerned that it would be harder to make contacts if you don’t live in the student dormitories, but that’s absolute nonsense In addition, during Summer Session C, many were scattered all over Westwood, the beautiful part of LA where University of California Los Angeles is located. Since the dormitories and UCLA apartments were too expensive for me, I looked for a flat share myself and that worked out really well. So I lived with 3 Americans so that I could experience the language and culture up close. It’s really different from living in a dormitory full of international summer session students. You have to be a little braver, of course, but on this website: http://ucla. uloop. com/main/ that’s not even an issue. Searching over craigslist is also an option, but watch out and keep an eye out for rip-offs!! Anything under $ 600 is UNREALISTIC! I had “nice” contact with someone who wanted to give up his room at dirt cheap – so always look with your head, then nothing can go wrong. One possibility is, for example, the Midvale Plaza (great location). In general, the following streets are recommended: Gayley Ave (very close to the UCLA and the best part: It is behind Strathmore Ave Berg: D), Landfair, Midvale, Glenrock! All of it is very central to the University of California Los Angeles (mostly a 10-20 minute walk) and also to the core of Westwood. So you can really save a lot of money and pay around $ 1000 for 6 weeks of accommodation and do not live in a mini room, but in an apartment with usually 3 other students and has a kitchen and often two bathrooms. In addition, you can take care of yourself and don’t have to worry about using up your meals. If you still want to have a meal at University of California Los Angeles, you can do so for $ 7. 50 (lunch) and $ 9 (dinner). All you can eat and drink – nice! $ 50 (lunch) and $ 9 (dinner) do. All you can eat and drink – nice! $ 50 (lunch) and $ 9 (dinner) do. All you can eat and drink – nice!

University of California Los Angeles and Westwood

Short for UCLA according to abbreviationfinder, the University of California Los Angeles is a dream. Beautiful and well cared for. If you have time, lie down by the pool at University of California Los Angeles -> Sunset! The campus is gigantic. I’m not sure if I’ve really seen everything about the university in the 6 weeks it’s that big. The area around the university is really beautiful. There are various shopping opportunities, a cinema (watch out! Sometimes there are film premieres! A great experience when the red carpet is rolled out;)), supermarkets and bars. Oh yes, go to the frozen yogurt and the pizzeria 800Degrees.

The courses

I took two courses. Multiculturalism in TV and Learning American English and Culture in Movies. The first course was quite demanding, but great! Although you really have a lot to do – 2 assignments (3-5 page essays), midterm, final plus final project – the lecturer Steve Peterson makes the course really exciting. Although I have to say that, unusually, only 3 people took this course during Summer Session C. Accordingly, the course could be designed more openly and was very pleasant in the small group. If you put in a bit of work, you can easily get an A or B here, but that doesn’t do anything.

Then choose courses like my second. Learning American English and Culture in Movies was really, sadly, pretty ridiculous. A lot of pointless work that doesn’t get you any further. However, there are no exams at the end – if you want an easy A and can tolerate a small drop in your IQ, you can choose the course in a relaxed manner: D Because of this course, I only give the course content a 1. 7. If I could rate them individually, the first course would get a 1. 0 and the second course a 3. 0.

In general, University of California Los Angeles is really fun and with the rays of the sun during the breaks, it can be very good anyway! A little tip when choosing a course – if you can, choose courses that take place in one day so that you have two or three times a week off to do things. All in all, the courses were good and I can only recommend choosing a harder and an easy course.

Las Vegas and Co. – Go out of LA, it’s worth it!!
Take advantage of the weekends and / or extend your stay if possible. The visa allows you, so use your time! Not only Cali offers a lot: San Diego, Laguna and New Port Beach, Yosemite National Park, San Fransisco and Death Valley also Arizona Grand Canyon (it is best to book a motel in Flagstaff is cheaper), Antelope Canyon near Page on the border with Utah and Nevada with the indescribable Las Vegas are worth seeing!

Find a group, rent a car and let’s go! We always made sure that we book online from Germany. JAt least at Avis it turned out that this is cheaper

University of California Los Angeles Study Abroad