University of California Davis Study Abroad

For me, my semester abroad at University of California Davis was very successful. I spent a total of 2 quarters in Davis. That went from the beginning of October 2016 to the end of May 2017. In any case, you have gained a lot of experience and have taken a lot with you personally. Now I’m going to give you a few tips for the international experience that will make your life easier.


It is advisable to start preparing for a stay abroad in the USA very early. In my case, this is due to the recognition of the subjects. Davis is great for topics like environmental friendliness, agricultural science, and engineering. You should also take care of changing the curriculum earlier, because it can sometimes be more difficult to have all of the necessary items for subject recognition electronically available in advance, and you are also not there to speak to the professor (signature, course content). Depending on what is required of you, you should contact the UCD beforehand. It must also be said that it can take up to a month to find out the result, whether the subjects will be recognized or not. You can also find out from your colleagues at MicroEDU whether the documents for the subjects are already available. However, the final choice of course will be decided first in Davis, because as an exchange student you are the very last to be assigned to the courses. It can therefore take a while to get to the desired course. Fortunately, it always works out in the end.

Standing for University of California at Davis on abbreviationfinder, UCD will send you a folder full of information in advance on how to prepare for the international experience: visa, selection of lectures, looking for accommodation, sports and activities on campus. . .

To be able to enter the USA as a student, you have to go to the US consulate. They ask a few questions like “Why do you want to study in the US?” That can be answered very quickly and easily, so you don’t have to worry about not getting your visa.

The flight should also be booked at least three months before departure, otherwise these will be very expensive.


There are 2 or 3 websites and groups on Facebook that are very helpful.

Tip: Place an advertisement on the website, Facebook and send a message to everyone who offers an apartment, where you briefly introduce yourself and show your interest. American students in Davis usually live in houses with four to six people living in them. Many also live in apartment complexes, where you usually have one to three roommates. Don’t panic, you will find something, but you don’t have to despair if it doesn’t work right away. Many who go to Davis only look for accommodation on site. Rents range from $ 500 to $ 800 for a decent room. You can also share rooms, which significantly reduces costs.

Because of the location you should make sure that you live about 1 mile around the campus. In general, you can always reach Davis in a relatively relaxed way by bus or bike. As soon as you get to Davis you will find that you need a bike. On sites like “Craigslist” you can find lots of offers for everything. You can buy furniture at IKEA in Sacramento and resell it later.


Abbreviated as UCD on abbreviationfinder, University of California at Davis here is fundamentally very different. I find it easier, but you have to do a lot of homework, write essays or give presentations. But I think it’s like that all over America. As for the Davis courses, I’ve had really good experiences. These are not as crowded as in Germany and there are usually no more than 30 people in the courses. Overall, however, the American system is more indebted than the German one. There is much more intensive contact between the students and the professors. Furthermore, the final grade of the event is made up of several exams, which requires constant learning during the quarter. In general, it is definitely advisable to go to the courses because participation can be graded, quizzes are pending and you always have something to submit anyway.


Davis offers numerous recreational opportunities and a large number of sports teams on campus. Many students are involved in it, covering just about every field of interest. Davis is not located by the sea, but otherwise it offers everything you can expect from a city in California. Good weather, beautiful scenery and nice people.

During your time in Davis you should definitely take the opportunity and travel as much as possible. The city of Davis is fairly central in California, so you can get to any destination in the state in a matter of hours.

The must-see programs include San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, Point Reyes and Yosemite. For these trips, which can easily be accommodated in two to four days, you can always find other students who join the cause.

I hope I was able to help you with your decision with my experience report. Personally, I liked California very much and would definitely go there again.

University of California Davis Study Abroad