Trends Spring/Summer 2012: Wear Highlighter Colors Fluorine

This spring/summer 2012 more than ever, the trend-setting colors of our outfits. In addition to pastels, in contrast, the fluor colours they will be part of our wardrobe. Tones full of energy and good vibes so that you look like a highlighter. Do you dare?

Moschino spring/summer 2012

It’s one eighties trend based on charged garments of cheerful and bright colors, that deslumbrarás. Get inspired at the markers when choosing a color and throw without fear. It may seem a difficult trend, but in small doses, success is guaranteed.

Color block fluorine


One of the most fascinating and daring trends is the color block. Yes, continuous, for our luck. Bright colours, mixed together, with which you will obtain striking looks and very stylish. Salvatore Ferragamo committed to them mainly in a very appealing Fuchsia, combined with purple. It is a daring stylish, that no doubt it.

If you don’t take a chance, it is best that you mix garments fluorine with more colours such as black, white or beige. But I recommend that you dare because you gustarás … if the designers recommend them to us, you also You can wear it in a style of night and day.

And but you can always opt for a swimsuit like this of Montse Bassons, that is always more dicreto before the crowd of a beach or pool.

Bold floral print


Much more risky are the floral prints in fluorine. In my opinion they do damage to eyesight. Of course, that if you are in Hawaii, perhaps not desentones. BlueMarine is responsible for these colorful proposals: monkeys, shorts, caps, Rocker style leather jackets … anything goes.



The more acidic tones and that most correspond with this fashion are the the Orange and yellow. The first is fantastic to wear at events full of glamour, with a dress of chiffon as the cocktail of Dior and the length of Bottega Veneta details of colours, of the same firm or.



Yellow It is another tone star. True, both (Orange and that concerns us) favor much to brown or chestnut, and more if you’re brown skin. What I like about this color is that it plays with its different versions, and is combining the yellow more fluorine with the cake, and the result are outfits that can be loaded with elegance despite being “ very cantosos ”. Sonia Rikyel love this color.



And we arrived to my preferred range, the PINKS and reds. Pink, fashionable this summer season, in my opinion is the color most flattering for all types of hair and skin tones. Flawless is the minimalist model of Valentino, want to get it already! Red complement it with the mixture of colors either blurred or in different pieces. Very tempting models.

Moschino spring/summer 2012

Moschino does not resist this temptation, and a fun, play with fruits and colors.

Elie Saab


Elie Saab innovates and surprises with spectacular dresses in colors fluorine. It moves away from the classic in a matter of shades, and receives the summer full of optimism with designs of marked silhouettes and tight waists. And it is the daring can also be and is hiper-femenino.