Trends Spring/Summer 2012: The Rose Sends in Our Closet

If there is one color that is in fashion this season, that is Pink. And it is in all its versions, since the more clearly touching the nude to the most garish Fuchsia. Flattering and feminine where they exist, this season you have to bet on a garment in this tone would you like?

On the catwalk we have seen countless proposals in this colour, wonderful evening as those who proposed the Lebanese creator dresses Elie Saab. Sophisticated and glamorous gowns that we can serve as an example to go from wedding, of course other firms, but a model to follow.

Pink lace


We have all the tissues that trendsetters this season in pink. It is the case of the lace. If I want a romantic look, The lace is the star of the romanticism, and more in pink. Miu Miu match it with white coats and Valentino, committed to a style more daring, with the mixture of transparencies.



And precisely roses transparencies are also carried. See it in fine and delicate tissues in bright models dress like all of Lanvin. For the day we can look semi-transparent blouses, away from the hype, but really where designers strong commitment to this trend is in the creations of night.

Alexander McQueen and Louis Vuitton choose this dominant tone in their collections Spring/summer 2012. Transparencies mixed with lace or Baroque fabrics, resulting in spectacular creations out of the ordinary.

Pink minimalism


The black and white are not only minimalist colors. The minimal style It evolves and is renewed, and dares with the range of the pink. Givenchy, Valentino and Marni, each with its style, propose items simple and sober, without any kind of detail.

Color block


Color block is still going strong, does not go away. This season makes it acidic tones, so if you’re daring, the combination red/Fuchsia Why bet Salvatore Ferragamo the mixture will be more fashion.

Pink leather


Leather in summer? The answer is Yes. It is a tissue of spring, ideal to wear dresses and skirts without stockings. Christian Dior y Valentino they are committed to this tissue in similar, sophisticated dresses marked waist, French sleeve and skirt of flight.

The Rose Cake


The pastel colours trendsetters stronger this summer, in particular the pink: is the most ñoño, flirty and feminine. A color very flattering especially when you’re Brown, and that the same may look to go to the office at a summer party. Designers delight us with an infinite number of parts in this tone.

The Pink mini-vestidos they are the star of this summer. Designs lingerie as John Galliano or a neckline of vertigo as Amaya Arzuaga for night sexiest, asymmetric as the of Lanvin for sophisticated summer parties or Tweed Chanel for the days of office that we want you to feel as impeccable.

Feather roses


Feathers are the perfect accent for a garment to be chic, glamorous and disarmingly female. To the extent they are very sophisticated. Moreover, the movement that give your model and your body is unique. You will win. This image is from Ralph Lauren.

Fun or Baroque?


If what you want is attention and look a fun look as a real strawberry, this design of Moschino It is your dress. And is that pink can give much play … that if I am a strawberry or why not, a cake … with a creation of Victor & Rolf that translates to more exaggerated Baroque.