Trends Spring/Summer 2012: Addicted to Stamping

Addicted to stamping We will have us again this Spring/summer 2012, Yes or Yes, because tiny prints season coming ahead: retro, floral, tropical, but above all, joyful and funny, It’s spring and we have wanted to color and patterns.

Joy, which is spring

With these prints that we bring forward all the forecasts, will give joy to the body with bright and colorful prints that remind us that makes Sun, good weather and have wanted to go out and to welcome the new season. For example, with a dress, a monkey or a signed assembly by Diane von Furstenberg.

Sometimes in the world of fashion and of the trends We are very heavy, that if carries this if the other … nor were commandments, often horror!. But if you want to know something that has been much on catwalk (then you really if you use it or not in your day to day), are prints game. Combine the top with pants or skirt in printed doubles. Takes note of the prints of Matthew Williamson.

Joy, beach and sea. One of the topics of the summer are the waves of the sea and the trend marinera, which as always, reaches our beaches. Aims the prints of Stella McCartney, nearly dizzying with both lunar and paisley.

Printed scarf

With references to the prints of crazy shirts that Gianni Versace was designing there by the 1990s, the scarf print back with force to this spring.

In Gypsy style and eager to teach abdomen we have seen it in Emilio Pucci.

And in the literal way that only know how to make Domenico and Stefano, have seen it on the spring runway of D & G.

Retro prints

Many prints of the season come with taste retro. Inspired in decades past without any complexes. As in Marni, where have the curiosity to know if the collection prepared for H & M going in those directions, and from what little we’ve seen, it seems so. It will be a very patterned and very retro collection.

The prints of ETRO, on the contrary, they drink art deco and the 1920s, but with a more colorful review. Other stamped more to score.

With a touch very Carmen Miranda have the beautiful prints of Anna Sui.

Fun prints

Fun and crazy. So are some of the prints of the season. Who could tell that the prin of cars was going to succeed this season from the hand of Prada. Brum, brum, brum.

So disconcerting or more prints of Dolce & Gabbana for this spring/summer 2012. Tomatoes, onions, peppers, and eggplants are a great seasonal salad.

Mary Katrantzou It is usually always submit original prints, thanks to new techniques of stamping and digital design. A few dresses that bloom in new era.

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