Top 5 Universities to Study an MBA in Canada

According to studies carried out during 2015 on the countries chosen by foreign students to study Master of Business Administration (MBA), we find Canada as one of the first options, in this article we will indicate which are the 5 main universities to study an MBA in Canada.

In that order of ideas, constant training is one of the needs of every professional, it is no longer enough to have a university degree, the demand of the current labor market, especially in the business world, is increasingly competitive, reason for which, it is necessary to have a professional profile according to business needs.

Top 5 Universities to Study an MBA in Canada

Canada has several universities that are teaching this master’s degree, however, we will only name those that in our opinion are the top 5 universities to study an MBA in Canada:

1- Schulich School of Business : this University is considered the business school par excellence, ranking No. 1 in Canada according to The Economist, Forbes and CNN Expansión, made up of professors of excellence, which provides global knowledge to the student.

2- University of Toronto Rotman School of Management : Likewise, this University is also considered one of the best, ranked among the first three according to The Financial Times in a publication made in January 2016. This university was awarded the Martin Excellence Award for Research and Teaching.

3- University of Alberta – School of Business : This University has the support of 100 years of experience in the teaching area, whose trajectory has allowed highly competitive graduates to enter the labor market, in addition, with an academic level of excellence.

4- Ryerson University – Ted Rogers School of Management : This institution shows a fresh image, with innovative approaches in real time, widely accepted by internationally recognized business strategies, to learn more about its history, click here.

5- McGill University – Desautels Faculty of Management : This University, also internationally recognized, identifies itself as integrated management with an interdisciplinary approach and comprehensive learning, highlighting economic and social values ​​in graduates.

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) allows a better performance in the area of ​​business management, achieving qualities such as leadership, business internationalization, entrepreneurship , among other qualities and if your plan is to study abroad, now you know the top 5 universities to study an MBA in Canada.

10 Facts You Didn’t Know About McGILL UNIVERSITY

1. # 1 in job offers for its graduates.

2. 9 Nobel Prizes among graduates and professors.

3. It is # 1 among the largest universities in technology in all of Canada.

4. # 25 in the world ranking of universities.

5. Its graduates include pioneers in the world of science and business.

6. McGill offers its graduates a 3- year work visa.

7. In 2012, McGill was ranked # 1 among Canadian universities, according to QS.

8. Canada is ranked # 8 among the best countries to do business.

9. According to The Economist , Montreal is the second best city in the world to live.

10. McGill was founded in 1821.