Top 5 Universities in the World for Business and Management

QS World University released its annual ranking of the best universities in the world by professional careers. These are the 5 best institutions in the world in Business and Administration.

London Business School 2

  1. London Business School

The institution created in 1895 is one of those that has more careers positioned in the first places in matters related to finance and administration.
RATING: 96.8

  1. Harvard

The university located in Massachusetts is the second institution with the most careers in the first places of the ranking, in addition to also positioning itself in the first places of the QS list of the best universities in the world.
RATING: 96.2


The leading business university has two fully connected campuses, one in Singapore and one in France, in addition to 143 faculty members from 31 different countries teaching 880 MBAs, 55 executive MBAs, more than 7,000 executives, and 64 candidates. to doctorate.
RATING: 95.6

  1. Stanford

One of the main culprits for Silicon Valley’s success is also one of the top-ranked in business and management-related careers.
RATING: 92.0

  1. University of Pennsylvania

The American university, a leader in scholarships and field research, is ranked fifth among the best institutions that teach a career in business and administration.
RATING: 91.3

Harvard no longer has the best business school in the world

Recognized for many years and famous thanks to its mention in American movies and TV series, Harvard Business School was named the best in the world. Of course, this ranking is derived from factors more important than media noise, and today Harvard no longer has the best business school in the world.

Although business schools are the result of American ingenuity, many years ago they have expanded around the world, making the competition always fiercer and of course, improving the educational offer year after year.

The high costs of this type of credential has led these schools to expand into territory never thought of as is the case in Africa or the present and constant growth of institutions dedicated to MBAs in Asia.

Given this growth, it should come as no surprise that Harvard no longer has the best business school in the world, and the question that arises is, who has it then? The answer is found in the classrooms of Instead , a French school that for the first time places the country at number one on this exclusive list that for many years was led by the USA.

To date, only the London Business School had managed to put Europe at the top of this list, this in 2010.

But that European institutions do not frequently reach the first position in this ranking, does not mean that they are not among the best in the world, in fact, in the global ranking that measures the effectiveness of academies through the average salary of its graduates, the old continent occupies 9 of the first 25 places.

Now, with the excessive change in the price of the dollar compared to other currencies, undoubtedly the number of students who traveled to this country to study an MBA will be reduced as better offers begin to appear at lower costs.

Finally, the decision is up to each of the applicants and we hope that this list will help you to have a clearer picture of what is happening in the world of institutions that teach MBAs and to understand why Harvard no longer has the best business school of the world.