Top 10 New York Attractions

Times Square

Times Square, centrally located in Manhattan, is considered the heart of New York City. It is always busy and lively here. This is emphasized even more in the evening by the exuberant neon advertising and video advertisements on the buildings surrounding this square. This creates a kind of magic that has a huge attraction for tourists and residents. The central part of Times Square acts as a public meeting place. Some people just sit here open-mouthed and look around because there is no place in the world like this. On New Year’s Eve, many millions of people follow the party in Times Square via television. Theater buffs will find Broadway with all its theaters here. If there’s something to celebrate, it’s done here. For photographers, it is a feast here just after sunset when the darkening sky forms a beautiful contrast with the many neon and video advertisements.

Statue of liberty

The Statue of Liberty is seen as the symbol of New York. This gift was given by France as a token of friendship. It dates from 1886. This “Statue of Liberty” can be visited, among other things, by taking a ferry from Battery Park, for which you must order a ticket in advance. Admission to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Immigration Museum is included in the ticket. To have the beautiful view from the crown, you have to climb no less than 354 steps. There are also various tours and a special tour for children. Visiting the museum in the pedestal is not free. Due to security procedures, the waiting time to board the ferry can be approximately 45 minutes

If you only want to photograph the Statue of Liberty from the outside, you can take the ferry between Staten Island and Manhattan. The disadvantage of this economical option is that the distance to the Statue of Liberty is considerably greater than when you sail by with the special tour boats. For good photos of the Statue of Liberty, opt for the 60-minute cruise, which gives you photo opportunities within 30 meters of the Statue of Liberty.

View over New York

The high-rise buildings and rivers around Manhattan mean that you can enjoy beautiful views in New York City. We can’t choose which is more beautiful: the view of the New York skyline or the view from an observation platform of one of the highest points in the city. To give you even more choice stress: are you going to enjoy the view during the day or do you choose to see the city in artificial light after sunset? A wrong choice is not possible here!

You always have to pay for the view from the high places. Some city passes include a visit to an observation platform. The most popular viewpoints from tall buildings are the Empire State Building and the Top of The Rock. The more recently opened One World Observatory is beginning to overtake New York’s two classic landmarks in popularity.

We will list the three viewpoints with their properties:

In recent years, the Empire State Building dropped several spots on the list of tallest buildings in New York City. Nevertheless, the view from this iconic skyscraper is still phenomenal. The total height of this centrally located building in Manhattan is 381 meters. When it was officially opened in 1931, it was the tallest building in New York. The Empire State Building Observatory is located on three floors: the 80th, 86th and now also on the 102nd floor. You have to pay an additional fee to visit this highest observation deck. That can be done on site. Due to the enormous interest, booking tickets for the Empire State Building is a must.

The second viewpoint is Top of The Rock. This is the lookout point of Rockefeller Center. The slightly more northerly location provides a different view than that from the Empire State Building. You can get a good view of Central Park from the three-storey viewpoint of Top of The Rock. Furthermore, it is an excellent place to admire the art-deco architecture of the Empire State Building from higher up. Top of The Rock is well attended, which makes it advisable to buy tickets by date and time slot.

New York City’s most recently opened viewpoint is One World Observatory. This vantage point is located on the 100th, 101st and 102nd floors of the One World, which was built next to the site where the former Twin Towers of the World Trade Center stood. Its location in the south of Manhattan makes for a completely different panoramic view than those from Rockefeller Center or the Empire State Building. Not only do you have a fabulous view of Manhattan from the One World Observatory, you can also get a good view of the famous Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty from here. There are several tickets available for the One World Observatory. With the basic ticket you can already visit all three floors. Due to its enormous popularity, booking in advance is also recommended here.

Central Park

Parks are indispensable in a city where concrete further dominates and a private garden is a priceless luxury. Central Park is New York’s largest urban park and one of the most famous parks in the world. With a total area of ​​more than three square kilometers, Central Park is the place where New Yorkers get their exercise, nature and fresh air. For tourists, Central Park worth a visit due to various properties. From here you have a special view of the city, especially because the park is partly surrounded by high buildings. Central Park also has a number of attractions that are worth a visit, such as the Belvedere Castle built on Vista Rock, the Strawberry Field memorial to John Lennon and the special Egyptian monument that does not seem to belong here at all: Cleopatra’s Needle. If a walk through Central Park means too many extra miles on top of all the pieces you already walk through New York, there are other options to discover Central Park. For example by bike (individually or during a guided bike tour) or by means of a tour with a horse and carriage.

A nice outing for families with children is a visit to the Central Park Zoo. This zoo first opened its gates in 1864 and has grown into a beautiful animal park. The animals are spread over three themed areas: the tropical zone, the temperate zone and the polar zone.

Fifth Avenue

The money rolls in New York in different ways. Real estate and the stock market on Wall Street account for billions in sales per year. but don’t rule out the shops in New York. For those who enjoy shopping as a hobby, New York City is a paradise. Thousands of shops, large and small, await their customers here. Several well-known brands have their so-called flagshop stores here. Fifth Avenue is New York’s most famous and prestigious shopping street. Upper Fifth Avenue, in particular, is famous for its upscale stores. You have to if you realize that the basic rent here is thousands of dollars per square meter per year. Jeweler Tifany’ s pays more than $100 million in rent a year for their property at 610 5th Ave. You can imagine that a small business owner cannot afford anything here. For the shopping public, it is therefore mainly shopping between the large and more expensive brands. No punishment right? And if you don’t have a budget to go wild here, then you have no choice but to enjoy the beautiful shop windows and the atmosphere that Fifth Avenue radiates. No punishment right? And if you don’t have a budget to go wild here, then you have no choice but to enjoy the beautiful shop windows and the atmosphere that Fifth Avenue radiates. No punishment right? And if you don’t have a budget to go wild here, then you have no choice but to enjoy the beautiful shop windows and the atmosphere that Fifth Avenue radiates.

In addition to the shops, Fifth Avenue offers several attractions, such as St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center and the many museums that are located on the Museum Mile. These include major museums such as the Guggenheim Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the National Academy of Design.

High Line Park

In 2009 a unique park was created in New York: the High Line Park or High Line for short. Located on Manhattan’s Lower West Side, this urban park was built on an old overground railroad that had fallen out of use. This has created a unique city park that you should definitely see when you visit New York. You walk among the greenery with a view over the streets of New York. The height and unobstructed view allow you to experience the city in a way that you can’t experience it anywhere else. The total length of the High Line Park is approximately 2.3 kilometers.

If you want to discover the High Line Park at its best, plan your visit early in the morning. Before ten, it is mainly locals who visit this unique park, which gives it a very different atmosphere than later in the day when the tourists come in fairly large numbers to this amazing place in New York.


There are a few places in the world that are famous for theaters. Broadway is perhaps the most famous hotspot when it comes to theater and musicals. The ultimate dream of every theater producer is to have their own production on Broadway. For actors and musical stars, participating in a Broadway performance at all is already a high point in their lives. The same applies to musical and theater lovers. The performances on Broadway are of a very high standard. For those who like it, a night on Broadway is a great experience.

The halls are often sold out and it is therefore advisable to get a ticket in time. Sometimes it is possible to get a cheaper ticket the same day from the TKTS stalls located in Times Square, South Street Seaport and Downtown Brooklyn. Online you can go to various providers of ‘Discount Broadway Tickets’. Opinions differ about the reliability and service of these providers. This prevents us from promoting a ticket seller.


Numerous ethnic neighborhoods have sprung up within New York City. Jews, Russians, Italians, Koreans, Japanese, Irish, Chinese and many other populations have their own ethnic enclaves within New York. The most famous ethnic neighborhoods are Little Italy and Chinatown, both located in Manhattan. Chinatown is the largest Chinese neighborhood in the world outside of China. With about 300,000 Chinese, Chinatown is in New Yorknow surpassed Chinatown in San Francisco. A visit to Chinatown typically means Chinese shops, masseurs and of course restaurants. This is an ideal place to eat authentic Chinese dishes, such as the now world-famous Peking Duck.

Special buildings

In a city like New York City there are many special and interesting buildings. Particularly in Manhattan, the skyrocketing land prices have led to the search for solutions to use the space as optimally as possible. This created the skyscraper phenomenon. Contrary to popular belief, the first real skyscraper was put away in Chicago and not in New York. Skyscrapers such as the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center and Chrysler Building are seen as icons of New York. These enormous towers are not only impressive because of their height. They are gems to see from an architectural point of view.

That beauty is a matter of taste is evident from the shared opinions about the 426 meter high skyscraper 432 Park Avenue. In principle, the design is very simple, but the ratio of width and height provides a special slender appearance that we can appreciate in any case. Our personal favorite is the Frank Gehry designed Beekman Tower, now simply called 8 Spruce Street. This 76-storey skyscraper stands out because of the deconstructivist architecture style often applied by Gehry.

During your visit to New York, there are plenty of buildings that are worth admiring at least from the outside. Think New York City Hall. This town hall, built in Renaissance style, forms a nice contrast with the modern architecture in the area. The Flatiron Building is another well-known building in NYC. The design has given it this well-known nickname.


While tourists still focus on Manhattan, more and more visitors are discovering Brooklyn. And rightly so, because this district has its own atmosphere and appearance. The website describes Brooklyn even as the most fun part of New York City. Where Manhattan has now become a collection of highlights (both literally and figuratively), Brooklyn is mainly a district where people really live and live. The different neighborhoods and neighborhoods in Brooklyn each have their own face. The most popular part among tourists is DUMBO. This neighborhood occupies the area between the Manhattan Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge. This district is buzzing with energy and has many nice places. Another fun part of Brooklyn is the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood. Possibly the best view of Manhattan from here.