Tip: Fashion and Grooming Have to Walk Aligned

When you are a guy concerned with his appearance it is important to have a global idea of it, to know if the various points that make up your visual are in harmony, if you are highlighting the right features, and their clothing, and care for beard, hair and even the skin (among others) are not being neglected, all of this reflects on the result of the equation what you call personal style.

Tip Fashion and Grooming Have to Walk Aligned

The problem

Do a test in the photo above, cover with the hand or give the scroll until the face does not appear and focus on the clothes. What type of visual you would expect for the beard and hair of a man who dresses in a way so aligned and stylish? I believe that something well taken care of, with a hair that, even soon, it would be with a cut flawless, isn’t it?But no, what we have is a young man who seems to have left aside the grooming for months now, and we are in an era that allows certain excesses visuals, you can see that the length of the strands is out of control, was the type of visual grown in the years 70, it’s no wonder that hundreds of barbers went bankrupt at this time.

My tip

When you want to let the hair alongarem or the beard more full, be critical, see if it is not hurting the set, as if waiting for the ideal length is not conflitando with the rest, often worth much more to prolong the wait, but make appropriate adjustments journals that this process does not stay with the face of carelessness or bad taste.I know that many times the barber takes off too much length, and this delays your project a different look and funky, but talking with the subject and explaining where you want to get to and certainly there were no problems, it is a simple matter of communication.