This Spring/Summer 2012 Will Be Golosas, with What Cake Te Quedas?

Last week we began the day with a trend that undoubtedly will be the most contested this spring/summer 2012: of the pastel colors. Big brands such as Louis Vuitton or Chanel presented it we on the catwalk at the end of September, low-cost firms star are removing your clothes in these tones and the street stylers already look it in their own way. And if they approve it, means that it will hit strong … Word blogger.

The most used colors are the dusty tones -based pink (or nude), yellow, green or blue sky. And even if you are a complete inexperienced in this field (I think that in life I have dared with these colors) the girls of today teach us how to combine these colors so of ‘ good nina ‘. And if I have to focus on someone I do with my dear and beloved Tuula. She gives us a master class: Green with green equals honors. For a look similar to his look in Topshop, as in his new collection you will find the same color clothing.

This summer rose to the top, and although the public is becoming ‘ to tire of it & #8216; Chiara Ferragni It is still the protagonist of many posts around the world. And it is that if we talk about trends it is the receiving number one. There is none that can resist, and an example clear is her latest look: pink, pink, pink. Despite being a tendency for the warmer season, she moved it without any problem to this Winter 2012. What do you think?

Are you a expert in the field and want to go further? Well then do as the protagonist of Brighton the day and mix these tones so ‘ clear ’ as if in a patchwork quilt: pink shirt, green jersey, yellow skirt and pink shoes. How do you stay?

The detail that makes the difference

You like this trend. Yes. But they’re not accustomed to it and you don’t feel 100% comfortable. Then look well with the protagonist of the Song of Style: a detail says it all. And for her the snap-star It is the hat: with very little makes this garment is the protagonist of the outfit.

¿Prepared for this trend does that come with force?