Things You Must Do Before Shave You The Bikini Area

Remove the hair from the intimate area can be one of the most painful rites in the name of beauty if you do it with the relevant care, for this reason, we give you these 5 things you must do before shave you the bikini area:

1 Rasura Growth Towards

Since the skin is much more sensitive than other areas of the body, it is important that you do it to the hair growth. The subtlety of your hands is also important to avoid accidents.

2 Change Your Rake On A Regular Basis

Remember that you are “working” on your genitals, a highly sensitive area, so it is better to use a new rake. If you use one with little cutting edge it is more likely you cuts.

3 Special Cream Spread

By doing so, you will have a kind of barrier against the friction of the blade. It seeks to have aloe vera to moisturize your skin.

4 Exfoliate The Area

In this way, you will avoid immediate itching or some days after doing so, especially when the hair starts to grow.

  1. If You Are Going To Cut It, Try To Be Light

In an interview to an American site, the gynecologist Alyssa Dweck said that a large number of patients “it causes severe cuts by a bad lighting” when it comes to trimming the pubic hair.

Taking into account these 5 things that you should know before shave you the bikini area and we are confident that look an enviable area. Check for vintage style bikinis.