The Strict Dress Code of Marc Jacobs to Attend Festivities

Fashion week is just around the corner. The London Fashion Week SS/2016 be held from 18 to 22 September. Also the still tentative schedule has been released from the Fashion Week in Paris to be held in the Tuesday, September 29 to October 7 Wednesday. Taking advantage of that many are those who will travel for the occasion to attend the parades, it is logical that not a few brands and magazines organize exclusive parties and celebrations.

For example, Marc Jacobs just give the Bell sent an invitation designed by Fernando Zaremba to the 10 September, at 18.00 o’clock, to assist in its flagship Marc by Marc Jacob’s (403 Bleecker Street, NY) to the presentation of the Gloss book, a compilation of 200 photographs that perfectly reflect the glamour and excess of the 70 signed by legendary fashion photographer Chris Von Wangenheim.

A work that explores the sex, violence and the danger around the haute couture. Von Wangenheim grim photographs are the best exponent of a time that speaks of the sexual revolution, punk and porn and that challenge those who watch them by their stylized representations of shocking stories. Their photos were published by all the fashion magazines that were a landmark in the sector from Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Interview.

The invitation include strict Dress Code guidelines that it should look the guests attending this party.

“Strictly applies the following Dress Code party scooping: fur coats on lingerie, gloss on the lips, hair, tilted to what Jerry Hall, paillettes, accessories, gold lamé turbans style symbiotic army of liberation of Patti Hearst, mini skirts and legs muscular, Platinum as a hat, Sequin, Grace Jones, bright skin tomboy look” “, bleached eyebrows, openings and come mounted on a white horse, sequins, Aviator sunglasses and stiletto-heel stiletto endless, dresses with Halter neckline, mesh, the”eyes of Laura Mars”chic, prohibited flat, not the natural look or matte surfaces shoes”.

But not content with this party, and presentation of the book, also it has created a commemorative t-shirt where can you read as seen through the rearview mirror Gloss.