The Streets of Paris Are Typical of Cirque Du Soleil

I recently read an article signed by Suzy Menkes in which showed his opinion about what had become the Fashion Week scenarios. Believes that the street style has brought prominence to the collections that are presented and that the fashion victims no longer show the real fashion, they try to call more and more attention to be photographed and exit at all fashion pages such as o The Sartorialist. Outfits that a person of a foot ever could be, because if someone that they are not out on the street in this manner at the end of the day you have just locked in a shrink. And Paris It seems more like a spectacle from Cirque du Soleil than anything else. Come and see, the function is about to end…

The Russian team

The star of all the fashion weeks is none other than the Russian Ulyana Sergeenko. Her looks full of volumes and impossible clothes make it the center of all flashes. The designer take advantage of this framework to show your own collection gala of do good taste?

There are looks that are not bad, while taking into account the time and outdoor temperature clash too much. The same happens to Elena Perminova, that doesn’t care if the maximum temperature is-2 ° C, She then goes to show legs Yes or Yes. And what of Natasha Goldenberg wouldn’t know how to describe it: sweatpants, shoes heel and multicolored wool jersey. OLE you.

Made in Italy

The Italian clan nor is it unpunished criticism. And is that although Anna dello Russo Click gala for his quirky style, things are so tremendous that it cannot escape. It will be the circus always there in animals, although her outfit looks like something out of a farm… And Chiara Ferragni Let your style ladylike I both liked long ago to go innovative. Definitely not anything goes, and although his name is the most listened to today, their looks every day I pull more back.

I really like the style of Giovanna Battaglia, Although it sometimes appears greatcoats impossible by its volume. She defends them perfectly but I can not help thinking see someone else with a garment as well through the streets of Barcelona and not turn me passing by his side. On the other hand, the style of Viviana Volpicella I have more than baffled: sometimes it is perfect, and others it seems that you view for a function of children small where the clowns are the protagonists.

Do you think that they have license to dress This way or that are sometimes passed?