The Latest Trend Are The Shirts Printed: Get La Tuya by Little

There is no dfado nor a penny (or rather a euro) by this type of shirts, but as the days go I am changing mind. This is fashion and so am I! And is that the Silk printed shirts floral in XXL or scarf print (to the Versace 1990’s) are the most this spring. All firms have launched their version, although more than one has released several versions. And today we present them to make you life easier, would like one but? don’t know what to choose? Here you have all.

And who is an expert in combining this type of garment is the author of the Song of Style blog: dare with the floral and the ethnic and what better. I love the colour combination and styles, it is so funny that I can’t say anything bad of her outfits!

What do you prefer?

Before you go to buy your version you have of think what goes with you, floral print or type tissue? Just so you’ll know where to go … if you’re that in spring is to be one big flower go to Zara (of course) for this version where the Black plays with red and green flowers. What do you think?

A little bit more discreet We found this one taken from Pull and Bear.

Although Yes you don’t like the color black for this type of clothing you can find this version (a little more face) at Uterqüe: warm for this time of the year where the temperatures begin to rise gradually.

My name is Copa, Copacabana & #8230;

Yes I know, am a little kitsch and always love Hawaiian print shirts. Moreover, my father (this is a completely true story) used in the summer as your unique costume and I’ve grown up with them, so that when I have seen this issue of white I thought must be mine! Now father and daughter will go to unison & #8230;

Do you have a handkerchief?

As if in a large handkerchief stamping of Hermes were, cheap, small and large firms are running to the fashion of stamping his silk shirts. Black and white can find this version of Zara.

But if I have to choose an I do it with the version of Stradivarius, love it!

And finally the version more indie and now navajo Asos tare it us. What do you think?

Will you carry this type of clothing is Spring/summer 2012?