The Label of Shame: “Gives This Sweater Your Woman for The Wash, Is His Work”

Even today, it seems that we are anchored in the past. “It is a shame that continue to appear cases as of this label found on a shirt of soccer with the message:”Washing instructions: gives this sweater your woman. It’s your job”. A message that has already had the official apology of the company.

It’s the football team t-shirt Pusamania Borneo, the Indonesian League, manufactured by the company Except for Sports Apparel, that it has not taken out to apologize via his Twitter account by such an attack.

Except for Sports Apparel from commit themselves to remove all labels from the market and replace them with correct, so much that even not have been sold as purchased, whose label may be substituted if desired by the buyer. Ask for apologies for the offenses caused with respect to gender.

Prior to this the company enlarged the problem to leave saying: “the message is simple, instead of washing it in a wrong way, You can give it to a woman because they are more competent”, according to collecting the BBC”.

The company added: “there is no intention to humiliate the women. “Instead, we want to tell the men to learn from women to caring for clothes”.