The Batamantas Are Robes or Blankets? The Difficult Decision a Court of United States

In the United States, the well-known batamantas appeared in 2009 thanks to some television programs, turning it into a viral phenomenon of masses. There they are imported by a company that had been fighting against customs for years. Why? Maybe because the batamantas were considered undergarments and, therefore, they were subject to much higher taxes.

After several lawsuits and attempts to remove this obstacle in their marketing, American international trade court has objected to the Department of Justice and It has ruled, with official status (Yes, seriously) that the batamanta is a blanket, and not a gown. A victory for the manufacturer, but this decision is based on what?

The claim of the Department of Justice was that the batamantas are similar to tunics, considered articles of clothing. Before that, the commercial court has said is not true, that the batamanta is open in the back and has no closures. And that’s all. These were sufficient reasons to convince yourself that it is a blanket (with sleeves), regardless of whether sales to the street with her or not. One existential doubt less in our lives.