Texas Interstate 69W


Get started Laredo
End Victoria
Length ~190 mi
Length ~305 km
FM 1472

According to 800zipcodes.com, Interstate 69W or I -69W is an Interstate Highway in the US state of Texas. The highway is largely in the planning stage and is to form the western branch of Interstate 69 in Texas, from Laredo to Victoria. The planned length is approximately 305 kilometers.

Travel directions

I-69W begins on the border with Mexico at the city of Laredo. The highway then continues around the town of Laredo and intersects Interstate 35. I-69W then follows the corridor of US 59 via Freer and George West to Victoria. At George West comes an interchange with Interstate 37. At Victoria, I-69W then joins I-69’s main route, continuing toward Houston.


Originally this corridor was planned as the main route I-69, so without suffix. The number I-69 was assigned on February 21, 2014 to the Loop 20 between the border with Mexico and I-35 at Laredo. This was changed to I-69W on June 26, 2014. On August 25, 2014, signs numbered I-69W were installed at Laredo.


In the border town of Laredo, I-69W emerges from Loop 20, also known as US 59. In the mid-1990s, Loop 20 consisted mainly of a single-lane road with at-grade intersections, and largely undeveloped areas. The original Loop 20 on the north side of Laredo is currently the frontage road heading west. On April 15, 2000, the first stretch of highway opened, a 3-kilometer stretch from the new border crossing at the World Trade International Bridge with Mexicoand I-35. At the time, the direct connectors (flyovers) at the interchange with I-35 were also constructed for traffic from Mexico to San Antonio and vice versa. This is the so-called ‘Milo Interchange’. Shortly thereafter, circa 2002-2003, the southern frontage road east of I-35 was constructed. The next adjustment was the construction of a direct connector on the Milo Interchange with I-35, from Laredo towards Mexico, which was opened circa 2007. The next project was the construction of the main carriageway with an overpass over McPherson Road. This opened to traffic on April 21, 2014. On November 10, 2017, the grade-separated connection and 2 kilometers of main carriageways at International Boulevard were opened.

Opening history

From Unpleasant Length Date
Border Mexico I-35 3 km 15-04-2000
McPherson Road International Boulevard 1 km 21-04-2014
International Boulevard 1 km 10-11-2017


Construction of I-69W is likely to be slow, especially as there is little traffic on the existing US 59 between Laredo and Victoria. Nowhere out of town do the intensities exceed 10,000 vehicles per day, making it questionable whether I-69W will be given any priority in Texas politics. The I-69E to Harlingen seems to have more priority.

Laredo is slated to build the I-69W / US 59 main carriageway on the north side of the city, a short 2-kilometer stretch between I-35 and its junction with McPherson Road, in the near future. Under this project, connectors (flyovers) will no longer be installed directly within the interchange with I-35.

Traffic intensities

There are 2,400 vehicles per day on the US 59 corridor between Laredo and George West, 4,700 to 5,500 vehicles between George West and Beeville, 3,400 vehicles between Beeville and Goliad, and 7,600 vehicles between Goliad and Victoria. However, the traffic picture is diffuse. On east-west state highways further north, the intensities are two to three times higher.

Texas Interstate 69W