Tasmania, Australia

Guide to Tasmania: how to get there and where to stay, what to see and where to sunbathe. The highlights of Tasmania: fresh reviews and photos, places to see, branded entertainment and beaches.

The outlines of Tasmania (Tasmania), an island within Australia, located 240 km south of the mainland, resemble either a baby bib or a heart drying on clothespins, which perfectly reflects the whole surrealism of local life: most of the flora and fauna are not are found nowhere else in the world, and the bulk of the population of Tasmania for a long time were only aboriginal Bushmen and exiled British subjects. The ‘Island of Inspiration’, Tassi as the Australians call it, offers an abundance of amazing activities, from sleeping in the bush to meeting the Tasmanian marsupial devil, and this other world is located very close – just beyond the horizon line.

How to get to Tasmania

To get to Tasmania, you must first arrive in mainland Australia, as the island is only served by local airlines. From Russia to Australia at least 20 hours in flight, not counting the time spent on connections (non-stop flights do not exist). Check 800zipcodes for other cities and countries as well as population and geography of Oceania.

Flights to Tasmanian airports (in Hobart, Launceston and Devonport) operate from many mainland cities: Sydney, Canberra, Perth or Melbourne, for example. From the nearest Australian airport to the island – Melbourne – no more than 1 hour in flight. The service is provided by Australian airlines Qantas, Virgin Blue, Jetstar, Regional Express and Tiger Airways.

From Tasmanian airports, the hotel is easily accessible via shuttle buses. Given the short distances in the cities, the bus will drop you right at the door of the hotel. The fare ranges from 20 USD to 30 USD. For the return trip from the hotel to the airport, you must pre-book a seat on the bus by phone and agree on the time of boarding and dislocation.

Melbourne and Devonport are also connected by a ferry service from the maritime transport company Spirit of Tasmania. Travel time is from 9 to 11 hours, the fare is from 126 USD to 187 USD per seat, 170-280 USD per bed in the cabin, depending on the season. Transportation of a car – 87 USD. Keep in mind that rental cars are often subject to travel bans between the mainland and the island, check this with your rental agency.

How to navigate Tasmania

Tasmania is divided into five regions:

  • the capital, the city of Hobart, and its environs
  • East Coast (including Flinders Island)
  • Launceston, Tamar and northern Tasmania
  • Northwest Coast (Main City Devonport and Bass Strait Islands)
  • Western territories

Transport on the island

The most convenient way to get around Tasmania is by car, which you can rent from any of the many car rental agencies; it is enough to present an international driver’s license and a credit card (or cash) for a deposit. Remember that Australia drives on the left side of the road and seat belts are mandatory. Be especially careful when driving around the island at night: animals of various sizes constantly strive to run across the road: from dwarf wallabies to larger specimens.

Tasmania’s roads are very windy, and the speed limit of 100 km/h is often simply unnecessary: ​​you will hardly move faster along the serpentines. Always expect more travel time.

The island has a network of bus routes operated by two major transport companies: Redline Tasmania and Tassielink. Reservations are required online or by phone. It is recommended to carefully study the timetable and stock up on patience and time, as departures are often irregular and there are frequent delays along the way.

Tasmanian carriers Tasair, Airlines of Tasmania and Sharp Airlines offer domestic flights between the major cities of the island: Hobart, Devonport, Launceston and King Islands, Flinders and Cape Barren.

The only railway line, the West Coast Wilderness Railway, runs along the West Coast between Strahan and Queenstown. Today it is more of a tourist attraction than a full-fledged way to travel. Travel time is 3 hours, passengers are offered lunch.

Another popular way to get around Tasmania is by bike. In any city there are a large number of rental offices; You can ride a bike on your own or join tourist cyclo-tours lasting from 1 to 25 days.

Tasmania, Australia