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According to 800ZIPCODES, West Virginia is located in North America. It is in the Appalachian region of the eastern United States and is bordered by Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. West Virginia is the 41st largest state in the U.S. with an area of 24,231 square miles. The capital of West Virginia is Charleston and the largest city is Huntington. Recent history of West Virginia. West Virginia has had a turbulent history in recent decades. In the late 20th century, West Virginia was hit hard by the decline of the coal industry, leading to a population exodus and economic hardship for many communities. In the 2000s, West Virginia began to diversify its economy and focus on renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar power. The state also invested in infrastructure projects such as highways and bridges, which helped spur economic growth. In 2012, West Virginia was ranked one of the most business-friendly states in the nation by Forbes magazine. In recent years, West Virginia has also been a leader in education reform. The state implemented new initiatives such as early childhood education programs and college affordability initiatives to help improve educational outcomes for its citizens. Additionally, West Virginia has made efforts to attract new businesses to the state with tax incentives and other economic development programs. West Virginia continues to face economic challenges due to its reliance on natural resource industries like coal and natural gas production; however, it is taking steps to diversify its economy and create long-term economic stability for its citizens. Check A2zdirectory for more about West Virginia apartments.