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York St John University

Application process Since there were no suitable partner universities for me at my home university, I looked for an organization that would support me with my application as a ‘free mover’ abroad. After sending an email to MicroEDU, Christiane quickly responded with a selection of different universities. Finally, I chose York St John University. The […]

United Kingdom Politics

United Kingdom Politics and Law

Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a parliamentary monarchy in Western Europe with the capital London. The United Kingdom occupies most of the British Isles. England is essentially a hill country. It is joined by west Wales and north Scotland with higher mountains. The climate with rapidly changing weather patterns is oceanic and becomes rougher […]

United Kingdom Urbanism

United Kingdom Urbanism

TERRITORY: HYDROGRAPHY In such a geographically settled territory the rivers have mature, very ancient courses, and abundant and regular flows, as they are well fed by rainfall; however, their development is short, given the conformation of the island, which is narrow, elongated and interrupted by mountain ridges. In general, moreover, rivers flow into wide and […]


8 Most Beautiful Universities in the World

We know that beauty is very subjective. In some cases, however, it is an aspect that cannot be denied! This is the case with some universities that have incredible buildings, sensational gardens and extraordinary libraries! We know that beauty is not and should not be the definitive criterion for you to choose where to do […]

Tower Bridge is one of London's most iconic tourist attractions
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Top 15 Tourist Attractions in London

The capital of the United Kingdom is almost unanimous according to Countryaah. It is very difficult to find someone who is not passionate about the city and its attractions. The only problem is that it is so big and offers so many things to do that it is even difficult to enjoy everything, especially on […]

Anglian Water headquarters building
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UK internship: 6 best companies to work for in 2020

Have you ever thought about doing an internship in the UK? If you are looking for a professional experience abroad for 2020, the land of the queen, afternoon tea and the Beatles can be a great option. But even better than embarking for the country and living this experience, is to have the opportunity to […]

London Business School
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Top 5 U.K. Universities to Study an MBA

In this article we tell you which are the 5 best universities in the United Kingdom to study an MBA. Among the advantages of studying in the United Kingdom is the job opportunity offered there to professionals who have graduated from any of its universities: 1.- London Business School, United Kingdom. This university has a […]