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According to NECESSARYHOME, Oklahoma is located in North America. It is bordered by the states of Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Colorado. The state has a total land area of 69,899 square miles and is the 20th largest state in the United States. Oklahoma is home to an estimated 3.9 million people as of 2019. Recent history of Oklahoma. Oklahoma has seen a period of rapid growth and change in recent years. Following the Great Recession, Oklahoma’s economy began to rebound in the 2010s. The state saw an influx of new jobs, population growth, and economic development. In 2018, Oklahoma voters approved a ballot measure to expand Medicaid coverage for low-income individuals and families. This was a major win for healthcare access in the state, as hundreds of thousands of people gained access to health coverage they previously did not have. The energy sector has also been a major source of economic growth in recent years. Oil and natural gas production have surged due to advances in drilling technologies like horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing (fracking). This has led to increased investment, jobs, and revenue for the state. Oklahoma has also seen significant progress on social issues over the past decade. In 2020, Oklahoma voters approved a ballot measure that would make it easier for formerly incarcerated individuals to reintegrate into society by restoring their voting rights upon completion of their sentences. This was an important victory for criminal justice reform advocates who had long advocated for this policy change. Check A2zdirectory for more about Oklahoma apartments.