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According to NECESSARYHOME, Illinois is located in North America. It is bordered by Wisconsin to the north, Iowa to the west, Missouri to the southwest, Kentucky to the south, and Indiana to the east. Recent history of Illinois. The recent history of Illinois has been marked by several major events. In 2012, Illinois elected a new governor, Pat Quinn, who served until 2015. During his term, he passed a major income tax increase and made significant cuts to state spending. In 2014, the state passed the Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act, which legalized same-sex civil unions in the state. In 2016, Illinois elected its first African American governor, JB Pritzker. Under his leadership, the state has passed legislation to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour and legalize adult-use marijuana. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic hit Illinois hard and caused widespread economic disruption across the state. In 2021, Illinois began vaccinating residents against COVID-19 and implemented new measures to help businesses recover from the pandemic’s effects. The state also passed legislation to expand voting rights by allowing early voting and providing automatic voter registration for those who interact with certain government agencies. Check A2zdirectory for more about Illinois apartments.