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According to NECESSARYHOME, Georgia is located in North America. Georgia is bordered by the states of Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. It also shares a border with the country of Armenia. Recent history of Georgia, USA. The recent history of Georgia began in the 1990s with the election of Zell Miller as Governor. During his tenure, he focused on reforming the state’s education and criminal justice systems. He also worked to expand economic development and improve the state’s infrastructure. In 2002, Sonny Perdue was elected as Governor and he continued many of Miller’s initiatives while also cutting taxes and attracting new businesses to the state. In 2006, Perdue was re-elected and a year later, he signed a bill that allowed for the legal sale of alcohol on Sundays. In 2010, Nathan Deal was elected Governor and during his term, he focused on improving education standards and increasing job opportunities for Georgians. He also worked to reduce government spending by eliminating some state agencies and consolidating others. In 2018, Brian Kemp was elected as Governor. During his term in office, Kemp has worked to increase access to healthcare for rural Georgians, expand access to broadband internet in rural areas, improve public safety measures across the state, and implement criminal justice reforms such as parole reform. Check A2zdirectory for more about Georgia apartments.