Study in Germany

With over 80 million inhabitants, Germany is Europe’s largest nation, and the country’s political influence in Europe is huge. It has one of the world’s foremost economies, and Germany has fostered artists such as Beethoven, Dürer, Goethe, Luther, Marx and even the Brothers Grimm. According to Countryaah, Germany is one of countries starting with letter G.

The architecture includes large castles on mountain sides, Bavarian wooden villages, ruins of the Roman Empire, Gothic cathedrals and modern skyscrapers. Although there is a rich cultural diversity, Germans have very similar manners. They are very law-abiding (they do not even face red), and they can be surprisingly honest when expressing their views. They are very punctual and they appreciate being on time.

The Germans are an active people. A third of them are affiliated with a sports club, where they e.g. enjoys cycling, hiking or skiing. Although German cuisine is known for bratwürst and sauerkraut, young Germans are becoming more and more interested in international cooking.

  • CAPITAL CITY: Berlin
  • LANGUAGE: German
  • CURRENCY: Euro (EUR)
  • AREA: 357,168 sq km
  • POPULATION: 81,770,900 (2015 estimate)

People and community

People and community in Germany

You will most likely be living in a small town or a little out in the country. Family life is important, but in Germany you have a chance to be a little more independent than in certain other countries. Young people are encouraged to take care of their own affairs. You must be prepared to take part in the domestic duties.


Schooling in Germany

You will probably go to school where the days last from 7:30 or 8:30 to somewhere between 14:00 and 16:00. According to, the teaching is the involvement, and it is expected that students ask questions and participate in the discussions.


Language in Germany

German is the official language of Germany. You will learn German through, among other things, a Rosetta Stone course before you arrive. You may also have the opportunity to receive additional language training through your local volunteers.


Food in Germany

German cuisine varies greatly depending on the region. It is popular with red meat, poultry or fish served with potatoes, dumplings, noodles or rice and vegetables. Germany is famous for its many types of bread and cakes, such as the Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte . It is normal to have a hot meal once a day. All family members are expected to eat together.

Study in Germany