State Route 55 and 87 in North Carolina

State Route 55 in North Carolina

Get started Durham
End Oriental
Length 193 mi
Length 311 km


Holly Spring

Fuquay Varina





Newtown Grove

Mount Olive


New Bern




According to findjobdescriptions, State Route 55 or NC-55 is a state route in the U.S. state of North Carolina. The road forms a north-south and east-west route in the east of the state, from Durham to Oriental on Pamlico Sound. State Route 55 is 211 miles long.

Travel directions

State Route 55 begins north of the city of Durham at a junction with Interstate 85 and then continues north-south through eastern Durham. The road then forms a western bypass of Raleigh, through a suburban area. However, the road has been developed to a higher standard than the regular city roads, there are fewer intersections. The road leads through the large suburb of Apex and also runs parallel to Interstate 540. After the distant suburb of Fuquay-Varina, one leaves the urban area of ​​the Raleigh region and takes State Route 55 as a secondary road south, later east through the fairly flat and densely forested eastern North Carolina.

At Dunn one crosses Interstate 95 and at Newton Grove Interstate 40 plus a number of other US Highways. The road then heads east as a secondary road to the town of Kinston. Here you cross the US 70. State Route 55 then parallels US 70 to New Bern, a regional center. At New Bern one crosses the Neuse River. The road then heads east through a flat coastal area with quite a bit of forest and ends in the village of Oriental, located on the Pamlico Sound.


State Route 55 originally formed an entirely different route in this region, an east-west link between US 1 in Franklinton and US 70 in Durham. In 1932 the route was extended south from Durham through Apex to Holly Springs, forming a sort of arc around Raleigh. About 1932-1933, State Route 55 was extended further southeast to US 301 in Dunn. In 1934 the section north of Durham was scrapped. The route was also extended to Newton Grove, a hamlet that is now an important crossroads for through roads.

State Route 55 was extended further east during that same period to US 70 near Kinston. In 1938 there was a further extension to New Bern, parallel to US 70, but reversed to the current routes of these roads. In 1941, US 70 and State Route 55 were interchanged between Kinston and New Bern. Later, US 70 was upgraded so that State Route 55 remained a secondary route here. In 1940, State Route 55 was extended from New Bern to Oriental on Pamlico Sound, creating the current route from Durham to Oriental.

The road was later upgraded mainly between Durham, Apex and Holly Springs as an important local access road that is better equipped for fast traffic than the local roads. However, I-540 runs parallel to this, so that it is of little importance for through traffic.

State Route 87 in North Carolina

Get started Southport
End Eden
Length 237 mi
Length 381 km

Boiling Spring Lakes




Tar Heel

Fayetteville freeway

→ Florence / Richmond

Owen Drive

Business Route 95 /

Gillespie Street

Robeson Street

Hay Street

Bragg Boulevard


Spring Lake






Glen Raven






According to indexdotcom, State Route 87 is a state route in the U.S. state of North Carolina. Forming a north-south route through the southeast and center of the state, the road is largely a country road, but is a freeway in the town of Fayetteville. The total route is 381 kilometers long, making it the second longest state route in North Carolina.

Travel directions

SR-87 begins in Southport, located on the Atlantic coast southwest of the city of Wilmington. The road runs in a northwesterly direction through the flat and wooded coastal region. There are no larger towns in this area, the road passes west of Wilmington. After about 150 kilometers of countryside, you reach the town of Fayetteville. SR-87 is a 2×2 lane freeway between Interstate 95 and the north side of Downtown Fayetteville. The highway forms a short bypass of downtown, and further north is a 2×2 urban arterial through the northern neighborhoods of Fayetteville and Fort Bragg.

The road then continues north for about 75 miles to Burlington. The only other major town on the route is Sanford, where it intersects a number of US Highways. The area is quite flat and wooded. Interstate 40 and Interstate 85 are crossed in Burlington. Via Reidsville and Eden , the road then travels the remaining 60 kilometers to the Virginia border. State Route 87 in Virginia then continues to Ridgeway.


Not much is known about the history of State Route 87. The route was created in 1939. The original freeway in Fayetteville was initially just a section of freeway with 3 connections along the center. The section between I-95 and downtown was built later. About 1998, the section between I-95 and US 301 south of downtown was completed, and a 2 kilometer missing link between US 301 and the Downtown Bypass opened to traffic about 1999.

Traffic intensities

In 2012, 21,000 vehicles drove daily between I-95 and downtown Fayetteville and 25,000 to 35,000 vehicles around downtown.

State Route 87 in North Carolina