Spotted: What Gossip Girl Is Assistant in W?… (And How They Dress to Those Who Begin in Fashion)

Confirmed: One of the protagonists of the series Gossip Girl It finally recalará in the place in which all were waiting for, at least the undersigned. So célébrité fashion, fashion directors, red carpet outfits didn’t do more to portend the future of some of them should pass by the drafting any magazine.

W It has been chosen, writing in which the chapters has already being filmed. However, Blake Lively It has not been nominated. ¿Who shall enjoy the privileges a life surrounded by of Blahniks and Pradas?

While speculations flying in the air, there is a serious candidate. We therefore take the news and Enter in the drafting a means of fashion to see How dress attendees of a fashion magazine?

The destination has been the medium of fashion online New York Refinery 29 who has shown us the inner workings of its “internal” or what is the same, the definition in English who starts a job, usually in fashion. How dress fashion of a magazine New York attendees?

One of the assistants of the magazine, with printed tunic and boots Mary Poppins.

The cuts by the waist, flying skirts and lace-up booties seem to stomp also in the Big Apple.

Eclecticism and mixture of styles.

A punk touch, a touch rock… a fashion guru could be in the making.

!I forgot! It is said, discussed, is rumored to chosen as Assistant to W Magazine has been Jenny Humphrey.

Photo | Pinkis

Via | Refinery 29