Šmarješke Toplice, Slovenia

According to simplyyellowpages, Smarjeske Toplice is a small resort village among green hills at an altitude of 169 m above sea level and at a distance of 80 km from Ljubljana. Its seclusion has its advantages: there is clean air, ionized due to the large number of reservoirs surrounding this place, a mild “pre-alpine” climate, a source of mineral water (+32 ° C). The healing properties of the water were confirmed by special medical institutions, and the resort received the status of a spa center.

The resort has a fairly large complex of thermal pools: 2 indoors and 2 outdoors, as well as a source of special pride – an outdoor wooden pool directly above the source of thermal waters.

Treatment in Šmarješka Toplice

The main profile of the resort is cardiovascular diseases (as well as degenerative rheumatism, post-traumatic and post-operative rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system, post-stroke conditions, neuralgia, neuropathy, cerebral atherosclerosis, neuroses, stress, migraines, insomnia). For treatment, mineral spring water containing carbon dioxide, magnesium, calcium, sodium, iron, manganese, anions and weak electrolytes is used. All treatment programs are compiled on the basis of functional diagnostics, which determines the degree of safe physical activity. The implementation of the program is accompanied by a mandatory current and final check by a doctor. Safety is ensured by special equipment that controls the work of the heart and a constant duty service of doctors. oxygen therapy, used in parallel with classical methods of treatment, significantly increases their effectiveness and helps to reduce pain. The resort has also developed special programs: “anti-stress”, fitness, geriatric prophylaxis (protection against diseases in old age), weight loss and cosmetology programs, oxygenation training.

Therapeutic procedures: balneotherapy, oxygen therapy, mud therapy, thermotherapy, electrotherapy, kinesiotherapy, mechanotherapy (brush massage, manual and underwater massages), diet food.

Contraindications: inflammatory diseases, inflammatory uncompensated conditions of internal organs.

Recently the resort has opened a renovated wellness center Vitarium Spa & Clinique, which offers, among other things, recovery programs “purification”, “slimming” and “pleasure”.

Popular hotels in Smarjeske Toplice

Entertainment and attractions

Medieval monasteries, Novo Mesto, famous breweries. 5 km from the resort on the banks of the Krka River is the ancient Otočec Castle with a comfortable hotel.

Four tennis courts, mini-golf, football, basketball courts, running track, sports pool, two indoor thermal pools, ten massage rooms, mountain bike rental.

Šmarješke Toplice, Slovenia