Singapore Main Tourist Areas

Singapore leaves no one indifferent. It is remembered by everyone in their own way. It is remembered in such a way that everyone tells their friends about it, strongly recommending to visit here. This city-state is worth a visit at least in order to admire how it was possible to create such a unique state with such a high standard of living on such a small territory in such a short period of time (43 years)..

According to listofusnewspapers, residents of Singapore, who not so long ago traded spices, smoked opium and knew little about the world, now drive Lamborghini, play all kinds of musical instruments, do not cook at home at all due to the abundance of restaurants and cuisines around the world, dance salsa and tango in pairs at night and are proud of their state.


In terms of area, the country occupies an area equal to 2/3 of the city of Moscow, the main tourist areas are located in the southeast of the island: Orchid Road Street, Marina Bay, Clark Key. In the western part of the island there are a park and an industrial zone. Singapore is connected by a bridge to nearby Sentosa Island.

Orchid Road – “shopping street” as the Singaporeans themselves call this street offers a large selection of luxury brand clothes, accessories, cosmetics, jewelry, bags and new electronics. There are sales in June and at the end of December.

Marina Bay is the area of ​​the seaside promenade where the financial center of the city, the fountain of wealth, the historic Raffles Hotel are located – where they offer the signature Singapore Sling cocktail in the legendary Long Bar, where the last tiger that roamed the streets of Singapore was killed. Modern high-rise hotels with panoramic views of the harbor and offshore islands.

Clarke Key is the waterfront of the Singapore River, where young Singaporeans like to spend time visiting trendy nightclubs, bars and pubs. Here you can dine in a cozy restaurant overlooking the river.

Formula 1 racing in Singapore

A few facts about the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix:

  • Formula 1 first arrived in Singapore in 2008 and has become known as the only night race in Grand Prix history and the only urban race on the Asian continent in the Formula One™ calendar.
  • The length of the Marina Bay Street Circuit is 5.067 km. and it is illuminated by almost 1,500 spotlights with powerful lamps that give out four times the light of the stadium. In this case, it is necessary to focus only on the area that should be illuminated – it is important not to light up the riders, spectators and TV cameras.
  • Assembly and dismantling of equipment for a three-day race session takes six months. It is actually a fully autonomous lighting system that takes 100 days to install. Work begins in May, is carried out in the very center of the city at a time when there is normal traffic on the streets.
  • Marina Bay Street Circuit is the fastest of the city circuits – cars will accelerate three times to speeds of about 300 km / h in a circle, however, it is the second, after Monaco, the slowest circuit of the championship.
  • The composition of the asphalt was developed specifically for the track, the company Shell participated in its creation, whose engineers managed to provide 20% more grip than usual. In addition, before each race, all sewer manholes are welded to the bases, because they are lifted into the air by aerodynamic force.
  • Formula 1 cars inflate tires with nitrogen (an inert gas).
  • The refueling rate is 12 liters of fuel per second. Helicopter refueling equipment was used to supply fuel. And the record time for changing 4 wheels is 2.3 seconds!
  • The physical stress that F1 pilots undergo during a race, on average, far exceeds that of a fighter pilot during a flight and can only be compared with the stress of an astronaut in a launch rocket! The pilot is subjected to lateral g-forces up to 20 times per minute, and the loss of his live weight reaches 4-5 kg ​​in an hour and a half, and in order not to lose consciousness at this time, he is forced to drink water (up to 8 liters!), Which is brought to his mouth special system.
  • With three victories by Sebastian Vettel, the Red Bull team is the most successful team in Singapore.

Singapore with children

Ten great ideas to spend time with kids in Singapore:

  1. Time to jump in ZOOM PARK ASIA – Singapore’s largest indoor trampoline area, which also houses a 17-meter climbing wall and a huge foam pool.
    #01-14, 200 Pandan Gardens
    (65) 6334 4615
    Jurong East
  2. Swinging in the trees in FOREST ADVENTURE, where everyone can feel like a real Tarzan, overcoming a forest obstacle course. Hanging logs, rope ladders, a dizzying bungee flight and a free fall from an 8-meter height will make your heart beat faster.
    825 Bedok Reservoir Park
    (65) 8100 7420
  3. Find your dream job at KIDZANIA. This is not just a theme park, but a real prototype of a metropolis, where every child can try to “find himself” in various professions: from a life-size pilot aboard a Boeing 737 aircraft to a bank employee. More than 80 exciting roles are available.
    31 Beach View, Sentosa Island
    (65) 6653 6888
    Harbor Front
  4. Take a ride on the Ferris wheel – Asia’s largest Ferris wheel will give you amazing panoramas of Marina Bay, the Central Business Center and other attractions of Singapore.
    Raffles Avenue
    (65) 6333 331130

Singapore Main Tourist Areas