Sights of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

According to, Puerto Vallarta is a city in western Mexico, located in the state of Jalisco. Puerto Vallarta has grown from a modest fishing town into a major tourist destination on the west coast, where many American tourists spend their holidays. In the spring it is very busy when the American students come here to celebrate their ‘spring break’. Those who go on holiday to Puerto Vallarta should bear in mind that the beaches of the place are fine, but much less tropical than the beaches of the popular resorts in Yucatan such as Cancun and Playa del Carmen. When you book a vacation to Puerto Vallarta, check carefully whether your hotel is actually located at the place itself or whether it is located in the new hotel district Nuevo Vallarta. You are then almost half an hour’s drive from the center of Puerto Vallarta.

Top 10 things to do in Puerto Vallarta

#1. Malecon

The boardwalk of Puerto Vallarta is also called the Malecón. This several kilometers long promenade is located along cozy restaurants, shops and various art galleries that this place has to offer. You often come across some street artists and draftsmen/painters along the way who present the most beautiful things for a nice price. Perhaps there are even sand sculptures with the most diverse images. During the walk you will come across a beautiful sculpture of a boy riding a seahorse. This bronze figure was created by Rafael Zamarripa and has become the symbol for Puerto Vallarta. A market can be found on the north side of the Malecón.

#2. La Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe

The official translation of this Puerto Vallarta Cathedral is “Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe.” Right in the center of Puerto Vallarta, the crowning tower of this church towers over everything. The crown of this church has already fallen down due to the earthquake in 1985. Then it was replaced by a fiberglass one. It is recommended to visit the church from the inside. Then pay particular attention to Our Lady above the altar.

#3. Playa de los Muertos

The most popular beach in Puerto Vallarta is Playa de los Muertos. On the beautiful sea of ​​Banderas Bay it is wonderful to laze and sunbathe on the beach for a day. You regularly see fishing boats and boats with tourists passing by. Various water sports are offered, such as parasailing. Surrounding this beach is the Olas Atlas neighborhood, which is actually the old town of Puerto Vallarta.

#4. Plaza de Armas

The most important place in Puerto Vallarta is the Plaza de Armas. Two government buildings and the tourism office are located here. Music is often played on this square and there are street artists. From a bench you can enjoy the surroundings or perhaps a good book. The tequila museum is also located here.

#5. Theater Saucedo

This theater once housed a casino and a real ballroom. The theater function is no longer there. What remains is a beautiful building built in 1922 to the design of the Italian Angelo Corsi.

#6. Water Park Splash

Water rats will have a great time at Splash water park. There’s a lot to do at this spacious Puerto Vallarta water park. The children in particular will have a great time here. There are many different slides, seal shows, lazy river, dolphin encounters and a dolphin show.

#7. Las Caletas

Those who would like to escape the tourist bustle that the resort of Puerto Vallarta entails for a day would do well to visit the idyllic beach of Las Caletas. Las Caletas can only be reached by boat. It is located in a secluded stretch of nature reserve south of Banderas Bay. This is a great destination for both rest and action. You can laze in a hammock on the beach or go kayaking or snorkeling. In the meantime, the children will have a great time in Kids Adventure Land, where they can climb, walk across suspension bridges or participate in various other activities.

#8. Canopy Adventure Park

When you’re done lounging on the beach and in the mood for some action, then you should definitely visit Canopy Adventure Park. After about 45 minutes from Puerto Vallarta you are in the middle of the jungle, through which you can fly like Tarzan. At the Sierra Madre mountains is a biological paradise where different platforms have been created to climb, slide or fly. You have to like a bit of tension.

#9. Shop

Puerto Vallarta has more than enough opportunities for shopping. There is a shop or boutique in every street or alley. You will notice that the range of art galleries is not bad either. What will certainly be a nice experience is visiting a market. Many markets are held, but the largest are Mercado Isle Cuale and Mercado Municipal Cuale. Everything really comes into play here.

#10. Vallarta Botanical Gardens

The Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens are truly beautiful. Many endemic and endangered species of flowers and plants can be found here in all their splendor. Various tours are given and you can participate in various workshops, including making traditional medicines from different plants.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico