Sequoia National Park

During your trip to the US you have the opportunity to visit the Sequoia National Park. Rugged mountain ranges, breathtaking valleys and ancient trees of no less than 80 meters high; these are the most characteristic features of this park. The vast nature reserve with its famous giant sequoias is located south of the Sierra Nevada, a mountain range in California. Together with Kings Canyon, Sequoia forms one large national park, a must-visit when you go to America! It was established after Yellowstone and is the second official national park in the US.

Visit to Sequoia National Park

According to, the high-altitude lakes, vast forests and deep canyons characterize Sequoia and make it a wild but beautiful area. The giant sequoias and huge sequoias are literal highlights. It is not for nothing that the American park owes its name to these awe-inspiring natural creations. Nowhere are the redwoods as big as here. The trees can easily reach the length of an apartment building and are sometimes so wide that a truck can pass through.

The Sequoia National Park is one of the extremes. Not only is the largest tree in the world here, the General Sherman Tree, but the highest mountain in the entire US can also be found here. At a dizzying 4417 meters, Mount Whitney towers above the enormous park. Highly recommended! There is also a wide variety of animal species. It is home to salamanders, scrub jays, bobcats, gray foxes, skunks and the American black bear. Animals such as pumas, bighorn sheep and marmots still live at high altitudes. In short, we definitely recommend visiting Sequoia National Park.


If you want to visit Sequoia National Park, prepare yourself well for all the beauty that you will see here. For example, you will find Mount Whitney here , one of the higher mountains in the United States. Another beautiful sight is Giant Forest . This rugged forest contains no less than five of the ten largest trees in the world, with the General Sherman Tree mentioned above at number 1. With a length of 83.8 meters, a circumference of 31 meters and an estimated weight of 2000 tons, this giant is the undefeated number 1. Discover also:

  • CrystalCave. Also discover underground natural beauty by visiting Crystal Cave, one of the beautiful caves in the park. Admire the marble-colored, polished stalactites and stalagmites during your visit to Sequoia National Park!
  • TunnelLog. This special, natural tunnel is carved out of a fallen Sequoia tree. Instead of removing this tree, which blocked the road, it was decided to make a tunnel. A nice experience for when you visit Sequoia National Park!
  • Grizzly Falls. With its 23 meters, this waterfall is a good example of how powerful nature can be. The hundreds of liters of water that violently rush down here are guaranteed to leave a special impression.
  • Giant Forest Museum. For additional information about Sequoia National Park, a visit to the museum is highly recommended. Here you will learn more about the history of the park with its special trees.


All kinds of outdoor activities are possible in the huge nature reserve. Fishing, camping, driving around by car or exploring the park with shuttle buses. Unfortunately, you cannot get to all places with vehicles, but you can on foot. When you want to visit Sequoia National Park, you will discover that hiking is one of the most popular activities. There are several hiking trails throughout the park, including:

  • Crescent Meadow/Log Meadow Loop. This trail leads you to the edge of Cresent Meadow, the most beautiful flower meadow in the entire park. The vast, colorful fields are a feast for the eyes. The house of the first white resident can also be seen here, which was built in a hollowed-out sequoia trunk.
  • General Sherman Tree/Congress Trail. This walking route goes past the General Sherman Tree to the impressive sequoia forest. You will also pass two groups of huge sequoias: The House and The Senate. This is guaranteed to impress you!


Are you going to the United States? Then there are a number of roads that lead you past the most beautiful places to this park. The park has two entrances, the northern Big Stump Entrance and the western Ash Mountain Entrance. The routes below make it possible to visit the Sequoia National Park:

  • State Route 180, Paicines–Kings Canyon
  • State Route 198, San Lucas–Sequoia National Park

Sequoia National Park