Semester in Vancouver Island University

I already wanted to spend a semester abroad after graduating from high school and it even came in handy that, according to the study regulations, a stay abroad is compulsory for my course ( English / American studies ). But instead of going abroad for just twelve weeks, I immediately decided to spend a full semester in Canada (my dream destination !!). Now the organizational part was imminent: “How do I implement all of this? Which university is even eligible? How do I contact the university? And above all, which requirements do I have to meet? ”

… so, the first thing everyone would probably do at this point is to find out more in countless forums and hope that you somehow get a rough plan for the approach. That’s when I came across MicroEDU ! Now the ball started rolling. The MicroEDU staff helped me establish contact with the university, put together all the necessary documents and submit them in good time. The employees were also available to me with help and advice.

First of all, it was about booking a flight, finding accommodation and taking my courses. I contacted a real estate agent through Craigslist who was selling furnished rooms near the university in Nanaimo. Since I wanted to go to Canada with my girlfriend and of course we wanted to live together, the decision in favor of the university’s offers (e.g. host family) was unfortunately not made. Nonetheless, I can recommend everyone to take advantage of them, unless you are traveling as a couple. After the first two points had been dealt with, I put my courses together online. I had a free choice of courses and study programs. So I decided primarily on courses from degree programs that interested me. I was on the waiting list for a course and was afraid that I would not get it. But already in the information event for the exchange students, it was emphasized that you still often have the opportunity to attend courses that are already full after speaking to the lecturers personally. Get more information about Vancouver Island University on educationvv.

The time at the university was just great. The relationship with the lecturers was very friendly. At first it was a bit strange for me that the lecturers were addressed by their first names, but that was precisely what relaxed the teaching atmosphere right from the start. In addition, the lecturers were visibly committed and always took the time to help or answer open questions. But always make sure to be on time. The lecturers attach great importance to this and, considering that delays have an extreme effect on your final grades, you should always be on time. Another recommendation from me is to inquire directly whether the books for your courses can be borrowed from the university library. These are usually very expensive and with around five courses this can quickly become very expensive. It is possible to resell the books to the university at the end of the semester, but this depends on whether the courses are offered again in the following semester or not. In the worst case, you will be left with the costs. In terms of requirements, I have to say if you stay on the ball, you pass it with ease.

The university has countless leisure activities that can be used cheaply (just register in good time, as there are only 25 places available per event on average !!!). You will receive a brochure about the offers during the information event. Whether tracking tours, stand up paddling or kayaking… you are spoiled for choice. The university also has its own fitness studio, which you can visit for free. But you can also discover Canada on your own alone or with new friends. Whale watching is also a unique experience. In that respect Canada is really just a dream for every nature lover. My expectations were exceeded by far. I would strongly recommend that you use the time on the weekends to visit as many provincial parks as possible and, if possible, to camp. In Nanaimo, depending on where you live, you can also walk to the promenade in a few minutes. It’s worth it just for the sight! But with a bit of luck and depending on the time of day, you will meet seals during the hunt or experience a bald eagle flying over your heads.

Semester in Vancouver Island University