Semester in Thompson Rivers University


I took care of this about 3 months before my semester abroad. This time was more than sufficient as everything could be done relatively quickly with the help of MicroEDU. The application was very straightforward and my supervisor at MicroEDU was always available to answer any questions. The care was so completely “super” and absolutely free !


The Thompson Rivers University is not so old and is very modern. It’s a closed campus (I didn’t know that before!). The StudentCard gives you access to the municipal swimming pool on campus with whirlpools, water slide, swimming pool and sauna. For $ 26 a month, you can also use the gym attached to this complex. Since the whole building was built in 2007, the equipment in the fitness studio is of course “limitless”. Get more information about Thompson Rivers University on educationvv.

As mentioned by my prescribers, studying in Canada is a little different. Sitting in the corner and then “going home” doesn’t work there. You are always involved in the lesson and the grades are also made up of different performance areas. Overall, the (especially time) effort is a bit higher than at my German university, but in my opinion the level is already lower. Of course, that also depends on the courses.

I had 3 courses so that I had enough time for leisure activities. 4 courses are also feasible, but in my opinion the leisure time suffers from it. I would definitely advise against 5 courses!

I took the Professional Selling, Organizational Behavior and International Business courses.

The final (final exam) of Professional Selling consisted of a kind of sales talk in front of a camera, which turned out to be funny. Otherwise the course was okay.

Organizational behavior was the complete opposite of “frontal teaching”. The course actually only consisted of smaller class activities that were intended to promote spontaneity, personal behavior and above all group cohesion. In my opinion, this was a very good course as there is great personal benefit from it.

International business was a bit more demanding in terms of learning technology, as essays and presentations were required here. The presentations in particular have an enormous learning effect, even if they are perceived as “annoying” at first!

If you are generally afraid of the English language, as I was (Abi Grundkurs with 3 ;-)), you shouldn’t worry: Canadians almost always understand you and other internationals are only just starting to learn English there to learn.


Kamloops is a smaller town with a population of 80,000. Except for the Thompson Rivers, there aren’t most of the attractions. The city has 3-4 clubs, so the choice of going out / party options is rather limited. But this has the advantage, which should not be underestimated, that you can see many familiar faces again on Thursdays or on weekends in the city. If you have the opportunity to attend Canadian AfterHouse Parties : Be sure to join!


There are actually 4 ways to stay in Kamloops.

  • Homestay – I would not recommend it, as this can partly be outside of the city and since you definitely have less contact with the other students.
  • New Residence – is the most expensive housing option. Unfortunately I wasn’t there, so I can’t say much about it.
  • McGill – This dorm is arguably the cheapest. I’ve heard little to nothing positive about it. You have your own room and share a bathroom with 4 others. The big disadvantage: when you cook, all your clothes smell like food.
  • UCH – This is the best dorm in my opinion. You have your own room here, but share the kitchen and bathroom with 3 others. So it’s like a flat share and not that much more expensive than McGill.
  • Those who can organize their own apartment are of course cheaper. Under certain circumstances, however, social contact can suffer as a result.


In addition to the not-too-low semester costs, you should be prepared for slightly higher prices in the supermarket. Pizza, cheese and beer are practically “priceless” and the rest of the food is a bit higher than in Germany. What was really expensive in the beginning, however, was the furnishings for everyday life: bedding (pillows, covers), plates, cups, pans, trash cans… you have to buy almost EVERYTHING yourself, as the dormitory management simply throws it away after your stay abroad. If you get along with your roommates, you can of course at least share the kitchen equipment (advantage of a flat share!). But you get used to the higher costs!

Fun / travel

Kamloops is actually very conveniently located for excursions. In the east are the Rocky Mountains with the world-famous national parks. About 350 kilometers to the west is Vancouver including Victoria, the capital of BC on Vancouver Island.

Furthermore, Seattle in the USA is absolutely worth a trip in my opinion.

Above all, one should take part in the excursions / activities of the ISAP. There are around 3-4 of these per semester. These are relatively cheap and have a lot on offer.


Even if this semester abroad was definitely not the cheapest, it was really worth it. The real attraction actually lies in the different impressions and new friends that you experience or get to know there. It will remain one of the best decisions and experiences I will never forget and I can warmly recommend a semester abroad at TRU !

Semester in Thompson Rivers University