Semester in Riga Stradins University

I have been attending Riga Stradins University since the beginning of September and am very satisfied with my choice. In order to provide a better overview, I will proceed chronologically when reporting. Get more information about Riga Stradins University on educationvv.

Most of us arrived before O-Week – at the end of August. After a few tours through beautiful Riga and trips to the sea in nearby Jurmala, the orientation week started for us too. The orientation week consisted of some useful and nice program items, such as a tour through Riga, a joint visit to the cinema, a food tasting and of course a pub crawl – the highlight of the week. But also events to get to know the university and the course of studies were on the program. After this wonderful week, which we all remember with joy and would like to live through again, was over, we started! The white smock was bought, as was the atlas. Incidentally, at this point I can highly recommend the Thieme Prometheus series.

In addition to the first lectures, the search for an apartment was also on the program, whereby one should always keep in mind that one can act and that the attempt is often made to cheat the “rich tourists” a little, whereby the prices are still relatively low in the Compared to Germany are. The apartments are searched for and found, and studies slowly get underway.

The first test, Molecular Biology here, was not long in coming. After a month of study you could prove yourself for the first time. But not so wild! As for the whole course of study, it always counts: no hard work, no price – but for those who work hard, it always pays off ! Promised. When this test, called the colloquium, was over despite the written version, further tests were added approximately every 2 weeks.
In the first semester you write three of these colloquia in Molecular Biology and Chemistry. Anatomy, on the other hand, can only be written twice. Nevertheless, the first anatomy colloquium was really the event that everyone was afraid of. But don’t worry, if you prepare well and / or even manage to stay on the ball like this, it is really very pleasant and doable. So don’t panic!

There are also smaller subjects such as Latvian or Philosophy. These are really doable. Now that the “school-related” has been clarified, I would now like to go into little Latvia.

Latvia is one of the three Baltic States and is a small and beautiful country. You can tell the history of this country very clearly in its architecture, which is really very, very beautiful in the city center. Riga is quite a Russian city and so you hear Russian on the streets at least as often as Latvian – if not more often. Which is very pleasant, however, because I find that the Russian population is more helpful and friendly than the somewhat reserved Latvians – but they are also really okay.

Personally, I love the peculiarities of Latvian cuisine – the bread is wonderful! And the pastries and the milk and meat products are really very fresh and natural – unfortunately a rarity in Germany. I can also highly recommend the Russian cuisine – but just try everything! My roommate and I also like to “treat” ourselves to Lido – here you can find Latvian and Russian cuisine in buffet form at really reasonable prices. Adequate prices can also be found in the countless bars and clubs in Riga. Especially those who start their studies in summer will probably spend a few lukewarm nights in these and remember karaoke and co. With joy. Really – enjoy it! Unfortunately, you don’t always have that much time during your studies, although I have to say that going out is actually on the program every or every other weekend. Riga is really a great student city and you get to know and appreciate people very, very quickly. Most of them are far away from home for the first time and that really welds them together. You can quickly find a new “family” – very helpful sometimes!

By the way, what I think is great about studying in Riga is that there is a so-called “car pass”. The car pass is, so to speak, an exemption from the exam in the respective subject at the end of the semester. Very practical – so I only had to write an exam at the end of the semester, as I had very good performance during the semester. In addition to the compulsory Cell Bio exam, for which there is unfortunately no car pass, other friends had to write three other exams – that can get stressful. Otherwise , I can really recommend the university.

As for the fellow students, everyone is really very nice and open. The majority still make up the Germans, followed by the Scandinavians and minorities such as Indians, Israelis and Portuguese. All in one a very nice and beautiful mixture! Really, just give it a try – none of us have regretted it! Visu labu!

Semester in Riga Stradins University