Sara Carbonero Returns to The TV… with a Program of Fashion!

It seems that Sara Carbonero misses television. It is rumored that the presenter will return to Mediaset, specifically to the Divinty channel to carry out a program of fashion. Sara is passionate about fashion, in fact has its own shop online multi-brand (with other members) called SlowLove. The program will be a docurreality and will focus on the world of fashion and trends.

Sara Carbonero, currently lives in Porto, hopes his second son and at the moment is leave of absence, but it seems that already want to television with a program style docurreality in which she would be the host. The program will travel through trendy shops more fashion and important to find out what are the trends of the moment. Sara is just waiting to record a pilot for channel Divinty. According to see him, producer, hip, or the presenter have spoken on the matter. Without a doubt, would be a major shift in the trajectory of saithe, sports journalist presenter of a fashion program. Do you think about you?