Rihanna in Lingerie for Emporio Armani Campaign Autumn/Winter 2011 / 2012

Despite still have my doubts about Rihanna as the signing of Armani, the campaign Emporio Armani Underwear autumn/winter 2011 / 2012 Let me better taste that the first delivery that we had for Armani Jeans, where it was not even able to recognize it if do not say me that she is.

With the entry of Rihanna in Emporio Armani Underwear it’s the turn of overcome or not Megan Fox as the previous image. The ballot is complicated even if faced by two current erotic myths but with enough differences, not only in the color of skin. I’ll stick with the Barbados.

Rihanna looks body in form lingerie very sexy. Common images lying on the car, so much outside as inside, with everything that represents.

Sets of lace that we see in black and white by Steven Klein after the goal. Even so I still think that the curves of thighs and hips are retouched excessively retouched.