Places to Visit in Salt Lake City, United States

Salt Lake City is one of the American states and is the capital of Utah. The state is located in a valley and has a great diversity of landscapes. For example, Salt Lake City is known for its beautiful ski areas, but it also has long-lasting forests and nature reserves, especially in the east and south. The city owes its name to the large salt lake in the northwest of the city. Salt Lake City has many more sights that make the city popular with tourists. From mountains to salt flats and desert areas. The American state is located right next to the Great Basin Desert. Despite this, Salt Lake City is characterized by tranquility and a green environment. The city also has plenty to offer in the field of culture, history and religion. For the Mormons, Temple Square is even the most sacred place on earth. The green center of Salt Lake City has a compact character. That makes it easy to visit several sights in one day. The city is therefore ideally suited for a break during a tour through America.

Salt Lake City ‘s Top 10 Things to Do

Temple Square
Temple Square in Salt Lake City is best described as a 40,000 m2 square that is also known as the heart of the Mormon faith. The square is completely walled and houses a number of impressive buildings. The best known of these is perhaps the Salt Lake Temple which you are not allowed to enter as a tourist. Temple Square is also home to the Seagull Monument. The Mormons had this monument built to honor their sacred seagull. Temple Square offers many interesting tours that will allow you to learn even more about buildings such as the tabernacle and the Church History Museum.

Cathedral of the Madeleine
This impressive cathedral can be found in the eastern part of the city. The Cathedral of the Madeleine is a Catholic church built in tribute to Mary Magdalene. After its completion in 1909, nothing has changed in the building, which in style was mainly built according to Romanesque influences. The Cathedral of the Madeleine is more than worth a visit. All the more so because the inside, which was designed by John Theodore Comes, shows a beautiful example of Gothic with, among other things, stained glass windows. The church also has 8 gargoyles that you should not miss during a visit to the Cathedral of the Madeleine.

Utah State Capitol Building
North of downtown Salt Lake City, you’ll find the Utah State Capitol Building. The place is also known as Capitol Hill, partly because of the beautiful Victorian houses that surround the building. Inside the building, the laws for the American state are made. You can enjoy various guided tours that are also provided free of charge. The Utah State Capitol Building bears many similarities in appearance to the Washington DC Capitol. The interior of the building consists of a system of corridors in which you can view historical objects and important documents. During one of the many guided tours you will also learn more about the rich history of Utah.

City Creek Center
The City Creek Center in Salt Lake City was built in honor of the 2002 Winter Olympics. The immense shopping center is located near the Gateway district, which is located almost in the center of Salt Lake City. City Creek is a beautiful building. Even if you do not intend to go shopping, this attraction is definitely worth a visit. Within the shopping center you will find various shops of well-known fashion brands and large department stores. In addition to the various clothing stores and boutiques, you will also find a variety of nice restaurants and cozy terraces within the City Creek Center.

Antelope Island State Park
Antelope Island State Park is the largest island within Salt Lake City’s Great Salt Lake. The island has a width of about 6 kilometers and a length of 24 kilometers. From this island you can experience the special Great Salt Lake up close. Antelope Island is also easily accessible via the 11 kilometer long dike that takes you to the island from the mainland. You can enjoy a lovely walk, where you have a good view of the salt lake from Buffalo Point. The island is also known for its flora and fauna. If you visit Antelope Island State Park in the afternoon or evening, you can also enjoy an impressive sunset that can be easily seen from this point.

The Gateway
The Gateway in Salt Lake City occupies an impressive open-air residential and office complex. You’ll find bustling Gateway west of the city. The area is characterized by the many shops and entertainment venues. You will also find various restaurants and terraces here so that you can fully enjoy the activity that The Gateway has to offer. This area is known as a social gathering place for the residents of Salt Lake City. The nightlife is spectacular as are the many performances and events that take place there. Rio Grande Street is arguably one of the most famous streets of Salt Lake City’s The Gateway. This is where most events are organized.

Hogle Zoo
Hogle Zoo spans over 42 acres and is located at the base of the Emigration Canyon. Hogle Zoo is not just any zoo. Here you can enjoy beautifully landscaped hiking trails that take you past hills and wooded areas amidst the wildlife. The park is home to more than 800 animals such as birds of prey, polar bears and lions. In addition, within Hogle Zoo you can enjoy various open-air exhibitions and attractions such as the Zoofari Express. It is therefore not for nothing that this zoo in Salt Lake City is regarded as one of the most beautiful in the world. In addition, Hogle Zoo holds World Zoo and Aquarium Association accreditation.

Big Cottonwood Canyon
West Salt Lake City is home to Big Cottonwood Canyon. The area is especially popular in the winter months as a ski area among snow lovers. But, even outside this season, Big Cottonwood Canyon has plenty to offer. Many hikers or mountain bikers can indulge themselves here. The area has well-developed hiking trails and beautiful transitions from vistas to rugged landscapes. Also as a hobby photographer you should not miss a visit to Big Cottonwood Canyon. The area can be reached via a well-paved road through the mountains, which is an experience in itself. You can visit Big Cottonwood Canyon in Salt Lake City in both the winter and summer months.

Red Butte Garden and Arboretum
Red Butte Garden is located in the hills above Salt Lake City. In fact, this landmark is located within the Utah University campus. It is a botanical garden that covers an area of ​​more than 40 hectares. Red Butte Garden and Arboretum is home to several native plant species. You can also take beautiful walks in the Natural Area. Enjoying the peace is best done in the Secret Garden. This part has beautiful gazebos and shady spots for a picnic or reading a good book. In addition to various beautiful gardens, Red Butte Garden also has an amphitheater where concerts are given or films are shown in the evenings.

Pioneer Memorial Museum
If you want to know how the early people of Salt Lake City lived, a visit to Pioneer Memorial Museum should not be missing from your to-do list. In this museum you will be introduced to a large collection of objects and objects. These were used by the early settlers of Salt Lake City. You can think of the clothes they wore, but you can also view various photos from the past and other memorable artifacts such as the giant eagle of Eagle Gate. You don’t just get bored in the Pioneer Memorial Museum. After all, the building consists of a number of floors, one of which is reserved for the original covered wagons from the old days.

Pioneer Memorial Museum