Natalie Portman in The Black Swan: Icon “Fashion” to The Career of The Oscar.

Do you already have plan for the weekend? No? Because it aims: premieres The Black Swan the film nominated to the Oscar in 5 categories and that it has already become an icon and a cult film for the followers of the fashion system. Natalie Portman It is nominated as best actress and the Golden Globe, has already so almost certainly will also win the prized Golden statuette (hopefully). And it is no surprise: not only for the paper making, also by how it is danced (though there are doubles).
Photography and the artistic direction of The Black Swan are superb. Music, costumes, atmosphere, scenarios … everything has an exceptional aesthetic level. But there is something in the main character, the argument and the background of the film making it into something more than a film with beautiful dresses and a wonderful aesthetic. Nothing to do with Sex in the city and other movies “ girls ”. It will be icon fashion for deeper reasons and Natalie Portman It will become a muse forever.

To begin with, and no need to argue so much: the thinness and androgyny is a factor in rising in the world of fashion. How much less weight, more vouchers. Do you know how sick Natalie Portman for shooting the film? As I have read 9 kilos. In an already thin woman like her, the result is a sick, anorexic figure. There is nothing closer to the intention of its director. To give you the paper, this, Darren Aronofsky, asked: “ how much can you can lose weight without falling sick? ”. And that is not all, the character who plays Portman enters bath several times to cause vomiting. The controversy is served and the accusations on the promotion of the Anorexia in the film they are consistent.

In my opinion, the story is about the first a great ballet dancer and director, through the actress, shows a reality how he sees it. We must not forget that his previous film was Requiem for a dream, a film about drug addiction where the characters live at the limit of their forces … or die to the limit of their strength to be more correct. The real problem is that this was a film full of ugliness and hard, and it is full of beauty. For this reason, I am afraid that the side effects of art are there. And they will continue to be for a long time because Pro pages already have one obsession more.

On the other hand we analyze the profile of the protagonist. A woman at the limit obsessed with perfection, subjugated by self-control and away from reality because of the beauty and self-absorption with the image that gives the mirror. Many women that I know in the world of fashion live under that pressure and that self-control. And if all women want to be beautiful, which inhabit the world of fashion, are even closer to that profile.

And fashion what?  When the protagonist, Nina Sayers, is dressed of “ daily ”, the minimalism of the ballet is light as your clothes: screens, the Mayotte, jacket, heaters, nude, dusty pink, beige, black … face washed (but amazing) of course, the ballet slippers: everything is cosy and comfortable, gym wear but quite chic. And when it comes to scene, fashion is exceeded and is going to the other extreme: take a sublime theatrical twist (fascinating make-up part). Brocades, lace, tulle, tutus, Rhinestones, feathers, necklines, trimmings, crystals set … all are trends of the moment, but in addition to all this has been nourished always the haute couture. So exquisite and unattainable. Costumes reminiscent of the best collections in Galliano, Alexander McQueen, Gaultier. All tutus are a wonderful work of art, with a portentous design and embrigador. Care and expressive makeup and hairstyles with feathers and ornaments are also an added value … the strangest thing is that the movie has 5 nominations and none is to costume design. Big mistake or not?

If you are going to see the film, (one of the year’s best by the way), you will love Natalie Portman level and maturity as an actress. Portman did ballet until the age of 13 and has had that “ recover ” part of this technique to interpret a dancer at a crucial moment of his career. To do so, it was with the help of the dancer Benjamin Millepied, he fell in love and that will be the father of your child, the actress is pregnant. The Black Swan It seems to have been decisive in his life and career. In addition, as if this wasn’t enough, Dior She has signed her as the image of Miss Chérie perfume. Nice and good actress has always been, has now become more.

PD. It is a psychological thriller, almost I forget to say it, that also like to move away from the fashion world: friends, boyfriends … and has now very hot. I leave you with the official trailer for the film.