MBAs in Europe Get Cheaper

Ready to take your MBA in Europe? If you are considering this idea, you surely know the Return on Investment concept very well, and you know that the capital that you use during your preparation process must be profitable.

Studying an MBA abroad is the dream of many and doing it in Europe is one of the main objectives for all those interested in studying this type of specialization.

It is true that the old continent has been characterized as one of the most expensive options but, in today’s article we explain why MBAs in Europe are cheaper.

The main reason to assert that MBAs in Europe are expensive is due to the currency exchange, when sums are made in euros or in pounds in the case of universities in England for example, but there are modifications in the programs that make them options completely profitable, one case is the European MBAs that are studied in one year compared to the traditional American model that consists of two years of classes.

MBAs in Europe Get Cheaper

To demonstrate this hypothesis we have the case of an MBA at HEC, which has an average cost of 81,065 euros including tutoring, maintenance costs, meals and extras, and although it may sound like a large sum, the reality is that this cost is is 18% below the figure that was handled in 2014.

By contrast, an MBA at Harvard Business School can go up to 240,000 euros during the two years of the program. Impressive right?

This fact has been reflected in an increase in the student population that puts Europe in its sights to do its MBA abroad and it is a win / win relationship since we are talking about highly prestigious institutions with a lower cost and with the possibility to complete the MBA in just one year.

It is for these reasons that we can ensure that MBAs in Europe become cheaper and become excellent options.

MBA Scholarships: Study in UK or France

Thinking of the best place to study your MBA? How would you like to do it in the UK or France and with a scholarship? According to Countryaah, U.K. and France are two major educational destinations in Europe. Today we will talk about the options you have to get one of the MBA Scholarships that are available to you.

Study in UK or France

Studying an MBA abroad is the dream of many, which is not always realized due to the high costs involved in achieving it, but do not worry, because if you meet some requirements, you may very soon be part of a select group of scholarship recipients from important institutions in Europe.

For example, the London Business School is one of the schools that manage MBA scholarship programs for those profiles that promise to be important prospects for this program.

At this moment, the selections for the scholarships of two of its programs are in progress to study them in the next 2017. In the case of this institution, the money comes from the contributions of more than 40,000 former students who, like you, at the time They sought to fulfill this dream and they succeeded.

It is important to take into account the requirements that these institutions present to you when looking for a place among their selected ones, these are to make a video of presentation and application for one of their MBA scholarships and present your CV.

In the case of France, we have the IFA International Fashion Academy that offers MBA scholarships for its master’s programs in postgraduate degrees, in this case it is required that you have 3 years of experience and demonstrate your command of the English language, this scholarship in specific requires that your application be made before March 31, 2016.

In both cases, it is essential to demonstrate your knowledge of the English language, remember that scholarships exist regularly from year to year and that your best strategy is to prepare before applying to them.