MBA Preparation Courses Abroad

An MBA preparation course abroad is worthwhile. In many countries, the Master of Business Administration is considered an entry ticket to the management level of the economy. A degree from an internationally renowned top university in particular increases your chances of promotion and your salary significantly.

Hurdle on the way to an MBA: The GMAT

In order to get the coveted title, it is first necessary to get hold of a place in such an MBA program at the university of your choice. And already here there is the first hurdle: the GMAT. The abbreviation stands for Graduate Management Admission Test. This is a globally standardized test with which the suitability for a master’s degree in economics is checked.

Especially at universities in North America and Great Britain, but also in other parts of the world, the test result is an important prerequisite for an MBA study place at a business school. Even at universities that do not explicitly require the GMAT, a good test result may improve the chances of getting a study place.

The time pressure and the psychological stress caused by the test situation in the GMAT are considered to be very high. Especially for students from Germany whose mother tongue is not English, an MBA preparation course abroad is essential as thorough preparation for the GMAT.

MBA preparation courses abroad: Prepared for the GMAT

MBA preparation courses for the GMAT are often a great help for the test and the entire MBA application. This is especially true for studying at an international university. When applying to a top business school in particular, participation in MBA courses abroad can be a decisive factor for success.

Course structure and content of MBA preparation courses

In the so-called pre-MBA programs, on the one hand, targeted preparation for the GMAT takes place. On the other hand, the participants receive intensive language training. This helps them to do better in the language tests required by the universities, especially the TOEFL.

Depending on the type of program, there are additional courses that also prepare the students for their studies from a technical point of view. These are courses like

  • Oral presentation
  • Academic Writing
  • American business culture

In addition to theoretical lessons, some programs include practical activities. These can be visits to local companies or an internship. The programs often also include specific help when applying for an MBA degree, for example when writing application essays or letters of motivation.

Duration and admission requirements of the MBA preparations

The MBA preparation courses abroad last between 10 weeks and a year, depending on the intensity and content. In most cases, the prerequisites for participation in the course are a completed bachelor’s degree and a good knowledge of the English language. In addition, mathematics skills at the upper school level are helpful.

MBA Preparation Courses Abroad