Mango Makes a Kate Moss and Terry Richardson in Thieves

We are June 14 and we have seen on several occasions to Kate Moss y Terry Richardson next to Mango to promote the new collection autumn/winter 2011 / 2012 of the Spanish firm. A signing so have to monetize it well and that is noticing.

Now the couple comes in under the title & #8216 video format; The Great Escape. The small clip lasting two minutes, where we see Kate Moss and Terry Richardson, director of it, robbing store handle to follow with a scene in which the model tries on the loot obtained in the van up way of the presentation of the own collection of Mango in the Pompidou Centre in Paris.

The only grace of this video is to see how Terry Richardson nor bother to change his lumberjack shirt while Kate Moss for not to end up choosing the black and white look that showcased in Paris. Apart from that, there is much more. Well Yes, see a little more to the British model, some of what I do not get tired.

In the words of Kate Moss, according to the press release:

Collaborate with Mango has been incredible, just like working with Terry Richardson. I loved working with him in the video. It was fantastic to be both in front of the camera, it’s a completely different feeling. The fact of not being alone, to have someone to share ideas, I loved it.

The short version of the video in 30 seconds: